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By popular demand, the view that has inspired millions. The view from Artist Point and others like it were instrumental in creating the world's first national park. Do you have a favorite national park view? Share it below!
The reveal of walking out to the "Grand View" of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone on a beautiful morning. Do you remember seeing this for the first time?
When the day starts off like this, you just know it's going to be a good one. Sunrise and moonset at Roosevelt Arch at -1ºF.
The National Park Service just turned 100 years old. Celebrate the start of our second century by visiting wintry Yellowstone for free Jan. 16, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It's the first National Park Service Fee-Free Day of 2017 [ Nps.gov Link ].
If you’ve been to Mammoth Hot Springs lately, you most likely have seen Canary Spring. It is one of the most colorful and active hot springs in the area right now.
The sunrise over Mt. Everts this morning had people pulling over to take photos. Have a wonderful day!
Special thanks to our crews working "behind the scenes" to keep the snow at bay this winter. The snow piles in Mammoth are getting huge!
There's nothing quite like a winter sunset to make you feel warm inside when it's cold outside. Well, that and layers. :)
A bull elk sits along the road overlooking the Madison River, breath rising into the air, soaking in the warmth of the sun, and chewing his cud. The things you stumble upon while exploring the park...
Current temperature in Mammoth is 37°F. The snow is slowly melting and the rime ice and steam on the Gardner River is starting to vanish. Here is a shot of the river from last week when the temperatures were -20°F.
It was a beautiful ski out to Tower Fall yesterday. On the trail we saw a group of bison bulls, a red fox, and fresh mountain lion tracks. One of the other highlights along the 5 mile round-trip ski is stopping at Calcite Springs Overlook, pictured in this video. The sights and sounds of the Yellowstone River in the winter make you feel all warm inside. Which is good because it was only 3ºF...
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Another one of the many hydrothermal features that really "comes to life" in the winter is Roaring Mountain. It is especially beautiful in the afternoon light, and the moon rising over it was the cherry on top!
Area closure instituted around Stephens Creek: [ Go.nps.gov Link ].
The patterns of erosion etched in snow and stone at Barronette Peak (with some animals tracks for good measure).
This bull elk takes a break up on top of Blacktail Deer Plateau. He’s a long distance from the road: a 400 mm zoom lens was used. While he’s apparently sleeping here, he did open his eyes every now and then to check on what was happening around him.
A cow & calf moose headed up Lamar Valley: some moose move to higher elevations during winter & survive by eating subalpine fir and lichens.
National parks are some of the most beautiful places in America, and we need your help keeping it that way. This year, take the #YellowstonePledge to help protect the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park: go.nps.gov/YellowstonePledge.

Check out more tips on how to be good stewards of Mother Nature: [ On.doi.gov Link ]

Photo by National Park Service.
Though some animals survive winter through their specialized behavior, others have physical adaptations for winter. Snowshoe Hares and short-tailed weasels change color. Lynx have large, hairy, snowshoe-like paws to help them stay on top of deep snow. Canada lynx are listed as a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act. They are rare, but present in Yellowstone. (Photo courtesy...
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A whole community thrives in the zone beneath the snow. Voles, mice, and other small mammals travel along subnivean (under snow) pathways, trying to stay out of view of winter predators. They don't always succeed.