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Care to join in on the sights and sounds from a recent visit to Canary Spring?
Thanks to the successful efforts from fisheries managers in 2016, 366,000 nonnative lake trout have been removed from Yellowstone Lake and are no longer eating cutthroat trout. Annually, managers work hard to reduce lake trout numbers to lessen impacts to cutthroat trout. Learn more at: [ Nps.gov Link ]
Hotsprings in cold temperatures with fresh snow are a special sight. The cold creates clouds of steam while the fresh snow helps to discern where the flows are active. Maybe a visit to Mammoth to see them in person is in your future?
Snow, last week, left this wintry scene in Yellowstone. There’s a chance for more of it this week in the forecast.
Current snow depth is 10 inches at Canyon. If you ever want to check it out yourself, here's the link [ Egov.usda.gov Link ]
Here is that sunrise photo I promised you from yesterday morning's live broadcast. Thanks for joining! -Ranger Jake
The white-tailed jackrabbit is technically a hare and not a rabbit although they are both in the same family, Leporidae of order Lagomorpha. It lives in lower elevations in Yellowstone; in the Gardiner Basin, along the Gardner River, and in Mammoth Hot Springs. It molts twice per year. In the fall/winter its coat is mostly white except for around its ears. In the spring/summer its coat is a...
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Good morning from Roosevelt Arch!!! -Ranger Jake
The landscape in Mammoth has been flip-flopping from brown to white these past couple weeks with an occasional colorful sky thrown in there.
Another thing we love about winter: an "ear-full" of bohemian waxwings darting from tree to tree above Mammoth Hot Springs.
Overheard yesterday in Lamar Valley: "Every trip here is like opening a present...you never know what to expect!"
Who has leftover turkey sandwiches packed and ready to #OptOutside today?
A little snow ushered in the holiday season today: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
"Stayed at the Post for Thanksgiving dinner and it was a beaut.The cook more than threw himself. Had turkey, roast pork, sweet spuds, cranberry sauce, oyster stew, chocolate, three kinds of cake, pie, pickles, nuts and apples-how's that for soldiers?" The 1898 Thanksgiving menu at Fort Yellowstone, as described by Private Edwin Kelsey in a letter to his niece in California. Read more from...
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This summer's count estimated that 5,500 bison live in Yellowstone, an 11% increase over last year.
There's nothing quite like watching an evening storm roll in and waking up to a fresh blanket of snow.
What lies beneath? Survey equipment carried by this helicopter will provide unprecedented views of how water travels through Yellowstone's hot springs. Details at [ Go.nps.gov Link ].
Today, Interior and U.S. Department of Agriculture took steps to protect land near Yellowstone National Park from the threat of mining. New mining claims will be prohibited on 30,000 acres of public lands, helping to ensure that Yellowstone’s watershed, wildlife and outdoor recreation are not threatened by the impacts of mineral development. Learn more: [ On.doi.gov Link ]
Snow, last week, left this wintry scene in Yellowstone. There’s a chance for more of it this week in the forecast.
The first significant snow fell last week, and that made us think about all the things we love about winter. First up: the leap and plunge of a hunting fox (even though she came up empty).