Without a doubt, this was 2pac's breakthrough movie role. In rare video footage, he also talks about his iconic character.

‘Juice,’ Tupac, And The Theater Of Black Nihilism

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Let Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" album help you through a time when optimism might seem out of reach.

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Remembering Aaliyah 15 years after her untimely death.

The Unknowable Aaliyah

You'd be hard-pressed to deny Future's hot streak a spot in the pantheon with mid-2000s Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane.

Future's Reign

What it meant watching Yo! MTV Raps as a kid on MTV's 35th anniversary.

Yo! MTV Raps And The Gospel Of The Rap Video

Whoa, NAS and Erykah Badu deliver a powerful track together.

Nas And Erykah Badu Deliver Moving, Somber Collab 'This Bitter Land'

Young Ice Cube talks taking on one of his first big film roles.

#TBMTV: Ice Cube Talks Boyz N The Hood in 1990

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#TBMTV: Happy Birthday, Ice Cube!

His peers and mentors praise this De La Soul album, but did he like it?

A Music Critic In 2016 Listens To De La Soul’s Classic 1989 Debut Album For The First Time

MTV News looks back at De La Soul's 'De La Soul Is Dead,' released 25 years ago this month.

De La Soul is Dead Lives On

"It’s not a reach to link Chance The Rapper to other artists, from the ‘90s forward, when hip-hop’s center moved beyond New York and Los Angeles and eventually to the South and the Midwest."

Coloring Book: A Chance the Rapper Reaction Roundtable