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Stay connected to your practice with the Yoga International App. Get it free on iOS and Android! [ Link ]
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Do you tuck your tailbone in backbending poses? Here’s a smarter way to keep your back safe—and get a deeper opening.

5 Steps to Safer Backbends
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The mysterious psoas muscle is a hip flexor that can be the root cause of back pain, long term posture issues, and tightness in your hips. In short: a tight psoas can cause serious problems! Get this free class + eBook: [ Link ]
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Do you sit, text (Facebook counts!), or drive a lot? Use these 7 yin yoga poses to counteract the effects of what we've dubbed "Computer Posture." [ Link ]
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Working toward a neutral-looking spine in triangle pose is a core-strengthening act.

Trikonasana: To Sidebend or Not?
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Fall in love with this near-inversion because of its controlled stretch of the neck and upper spine.

Learn Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose)
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Yoga nidra is a series of mind, body, and awareness techniques that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It relieves insomnia by allowing you to disengage from thoughts and other stressors and to experience deep relaxation. Follow the audio and gently ease your mind and body.

Yoga Nidra for Insomnia
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Do you have sciatica (tenderness and pain along the back of the low back, buttocks, or leg)? Get our free guide and class: [ Link ]
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The regular, safe practice of this pose (sometimes just called "kapotasana" or "pigeon pose" for short) is a great way to keep yourself mobile as you age and to support your seated meditation practice.

The Mythology Behind Pigeon Pose
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Agree? -- Savasana, or corpse pose, is a peak pose. It isn’t just filler time or time to grab a quick nap before hustling back to our busy lives.

The Challenge of Savasana: Stilling the Mind for Deeper Restoration
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Cyndi Lee invites you to join her for a free vinyasa class! [ Link ]
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Yoga Anatomy: What Every Teacher (and Practitioner) Should Know About Fascia

Yoga Anatomy: What Every Teacher (and Practitioner) Should Know About Fascia
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Whether you've always wanted to try Forrest Yoga, or you simply want to learn new skills to empower your practice, this challenge—which is perfectly crafted to guide you step by step through the basics of this powerful style of yoga—is for you. Learn more here:

Free, Two-Week Yoga Challenge: Experience Forrest Yoga
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It might be a controversial topic, but...

Yes, I Go to Yoga for a Workout
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Wheel pose—otherwise known as urdhva dhanurasana, or “upward bow”—is often inaccessible to many people. It requires a lot of lower and upper body strength, substantial warm-up, and tons of concentration.

Two Ways to Make Wheel Pose More Accessible
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Mobilizing the hip joint in these poses can have some unintended consequences for the neighbouring joint, the knee.

How to Keep Your Knees Safe in Hip-Opening Yoga Poses
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Maintain your strength, stability, and agility through yoga.

Yoga for Seniors: How Practice Can Reduce the Risk of Falling
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Want to learn the basics of Forrest Yoga? Start at the very beginning with this short tutorial on Ujjayi Breath! Learn more: [ Link ]
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Sometimes yoga teachers say weird stuff that just doesn’t seem to make sense.

5 Yoga Rules to Break