Crow pose? It's about surrender, not just strength.

The Art of Falling On Your Face
Oh the dreaded IT band. If you scream in pain at the mere thought of someone touching your IT band, you may need this video:

Foam Rolling: Hips, IT Band, and Psoas
Unless the hip joints are exercised regularly in all directions, problems such as stiffness, pain, or chronic foreshortening of their muscles will invariably appear.

Help for the Hips
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For Jane Hansen, the proverbial final straw in her burnout experience came from a well-intentioned student.

Burnout: 3 Stories for Yoga Teachers and Studio Owners
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There is no more significant symbol for contemporary yoga practice than the yoga mat. It is more than a tool employed by the yogi. The yoga mat is a metaphor.

Yoga Mats: Are They Really Necessary?
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Sianna Sherman's free class will help you banish burnout, increase confidence, and help you stay motivated and nourished throughout the day! [ Link ]
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If a teacher pushes you to ever-harder movements that result in pain, or won't let you modify a pose, look for a new class.

But I Thought All Yoga Was Therapeutic?
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Now more than ever, we are witnessing a slow and steady shift in how yoga is taught and perceived. Is the Independent Yoga Studio Becoming Extinct?

Is the Independent Yoga Studio Becoming Extinct?
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Though Muriel has forgotten the exact year she began practicing, as well as the names of her early teachers, she remembers that the direct benefits of the yoga practice were dramatic for her.

Meet Muriel, My 90 Year Old Yoga Teacher
So why are yoga teachers so enthralled with the psoas? Can learning more about it really enhance your yoga practice? What's so fascinating about this muscle anyway (besides the fact that its name is ripe for anatomy puns: "Psoas I was saying..." That's yoga comedy gold, right?).

A Sequence for Your Psoas
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A yoga teacher explains how you can keep your cool—and communicate effectively—in an argument.

4 Ways to Stand Up For Yourself
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Use this short sequence to open the pelvis and hips and clean out your basement! Enjoy some variations of the lunge and other postures to open the hips and strengthen the lower spine.

Yoga to Open the Pelvis
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Download our free 80-page e-Book to learn therapeutic practices for relieving tension and pain, preventing injury, and strengthening your body. A targeted yoga practice can provide long-lasting relief! Get expert insight from Doug Keller, Lillias Folan, Kelly McGonigal, Kat Heagberg, Julie Gudmestad and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Yoga for Health
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Dianne shares some useful tips to help yogis with larger bodies transition comfortably from downward facing dog to high lunge. This tutorial is beneficial for students and teachers alike!

Transitioning from Downdog to Lunge with a Larger Body
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What makes a yoga teacher good at what they do?

Five Traits of a Great Yoga Teacher
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Here are ten common alignment cues that we should all probably stop saying.

Ten Alignment Cues Yoga Teachers Need to Stop Giving
Read on to explore some myths (and facts) about fascia, and discover the science behind how the nervous system affects this connective web. It might surprise you, and it might even alter how you talk about, and approach, the subject of fascia going forward.

Fascia Myths and Fascia Facts
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Tanya demonstrates various hands-on assists to give in savasana. Learn how to encourage further relaxation in your students with these simple adjustments for the lower back, shoulders, and neck. [ Link ]
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Explore upper crossed syndrome: a very common postural imbalance that generally results from poor sitting and standing habits, poor movement technique, and/or imbalanced training.

Striking a Balance Part 1: Yoga for Upper Crossed Syndrome
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Do you have a few minutes to spare to start making your brain a super brain?

Super Brain Yoga: 3 Minutes to a Sharper Mind