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Hey, night owls—this just may be the thing to get you going in the morning.

Good Morning Yoga Flow
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Love the beach and yoga?—this one's for you.

Kino MacGregor's Beginners Beach Yoga Practice
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Are you a slumper or a swayer?—here, a guide to assess + improve your posture.

Yoga to Improve Posture: Self-Assess Your Spine + Learn to Protect It
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Once in bed, mentally go back through your day in increments of 30 minutes.

Sleep-Better Tip: Unravel the Day
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Use this short sunrise practice to help you shift to a new level.

Goddess Yoga Project: Bring-On-the-Breakthrough Sunrise Practice
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Get (almost) free beach vacations as a yoga teacher—here's how.

Yes, You Can Land Vacation Benefits as a Yoga Teacher
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Our best deal of the year is back!

Yoga Journal is now only $10!
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How do you make challenging poses accessible?—look for key actions + shapes within the pose.

Teaching Yoga by Shape: Half Handstand | Yoga Sequencing
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WATCH + LEARN: Tips to achieve this backbend.

Master Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) Backbend | Yoga Videos
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Stretch the deep hip flexors + open the chest, upper back and shoulders in this backbend.

Challenge Pose: One-Legged King Pigeon Pose II
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Too many hours hunched over a digital device?—try this.

Yoga Backbend Flow
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The perfect #humpday sequence to help you unwind.

Yoga Video | The Comforting Restorative Yoga Practice
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"It was a cold night in the Pacific Northwest and my beloved wife, Savitri, was dying."

The Kleshas: Conquering the Fear of Death (Abhinivesha)
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Open + expand the chest and shoulders, and stretch the quadriceps.

3 Preps for One-Legged King Pigeon II (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana II)
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We are majorly lacking in—and longing for—the release a side bend offers.

Four Ways to Satisfy Your Urge to Side Bend
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The secret to a stronger practice?—"Cupcake Hands"

How Cupcake Hands Saved My Vinyasa