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This strong-core sequence will move you in every direction to work your middle from all possible angles.

Tara Stiles’s Natural-Movement, Core-Strengthening Yoga Sequence
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Yoga is the middle way—it means neither ego-inflation nor meekness, neither domination nor submission.

Teach Yoga Students to Discern Between Force and Feeling
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Turn your passion for healthy living and healthy cooking into a career!

Start your journey as a Natural Foods Chef in 2017!
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Deepak Chopra of Chopra Center joins us live with his yoga teacher @sarahplattfinger to celebrate this HERstoric day Women's March on Washington
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Join us shortly as Deepak Chopra offers us words of wisdom and peace on this historic day marking the Women's March on Washington live from Chopra Center
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Feeling stuck?—take our quiz to find out where you could use some balancing.

Chakra Imbalance Quiz: Which of Your Chakras Is Out of Balance?
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It’s a common concern for beginner yogis—what to wear so they’re comfortable.

What Do I Wear For A Yoga Class?
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Learn how to kick the hips over the shoulders—watch it here.

Warm Up for Handstand with Kino MacGregor & Kerri Verna
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20 minutes of your favorite classic asanas.

20-Minute Back to Basics Yoga Practice | Beginner Yoga
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Just when we thought Savasana couldn't get any better...

5 Yoga Pose Modifications for Low Back Pain
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Reflect on the many reasons that inspire us to action.

A Grounding Meditation Inspired By the Women's March on Washington
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One of the most important muscles stretched during a sidebend is the QL—here's why.

The Anatomy of a Satisfying Side Stretch | Yoga Sidebends
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"Every question I had would be answered by yoga if I looked carefully enough."

Vinyasa 101: 3 Lessons I Learned From K. Pattabhi Jois
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It’s more workshop than flow.

7 Things To Know About Katonah Yoga