Yohan Blake
01/17/2017 at 21:31. Facebook
You can get it if you really want.
But you must try, try and try, try and try. You'll succeed at last (GOD is good)
It won't come easy. You have to work, work, and work. Have fun doing it knowing that the Lord goes before you and his joy will be your strength.
Speaking at Sagicor Sigma 5k run launch. They are changing lives and that can't miss me because the kids will be happy. To God be glory
At the launch of the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run 2017 with the Honourable Minister of Health Dr.Christopher Tufton and the great and beautiful Tessanne Chin along with Richard Byles president and CEO of Sagicor. It is a noble and worthy cause so register to run and come and support. We need to hit that target!
When the Lord blesses you, you bless others. I believe Christmas is every day. We should always be in that mood to give and live, loving no matter what. We are all one under God's hands @richardmilleofficial #YBAFraidfoundation
Don't just put your cup where you can reach it all the time. Put it farther and farther (GOD is good )
Good day in the rain today. It is not every day you are going to feel good but that's when you push it. To God be the glory
I believe everyone has to feel special. Helping is such a joy when you can put a smile on the kids and their parents. This was a special one for me knowing that(GOD was at the front of it all ) Thanks also to the sponsors WATA Food For The Poor Jamaica Richard Mille Mayberry Investments Limited and YB Afraid Foundation
Just want to say thanks for the birthday wishes (to God be the glory)
The work is going to be hard but you have to be willing because nothing nothing nothing comes easy (To God be the glory )
Thanks to everyone it was a good day
It is such joy when you see the kids smiling knowing that God blessed us with all of this
Love it when I get to meet my fans like Aaliyah Jackson. Love. Always humbled.
No child should feel left out. Give God thanks he blessed me so I can bless others #ybafraidfoundation YB Afraid Foundation
You are not alone so anything you are fighting just know God is right there with you
Crime free Christmas give the kids and family something to look forward to. God is good all the time
It's not an easy road. Many see the glamour and the glitter and think it's a bed of rose. But who feels it knows. O Lord.
Follow my friend Garth he is an upcoming cricketer @garthgarvey
Just know the anchor holds though the ship is battered the anchor holds though the sails are torn I we have fallen some much times as we face the raging seas the anchor holds in spite of the storm