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Yorkshire Tea
yesterday at 13:25. Facebook
Shine - a brassy Take That cover by The Yorkshire Tea Band!
Yorkshire Tea
01/11/2017 at 11:17. Facebook
Doing health? Here's some health advice. #health
Remember Christmas? Well get ready for Christmas 2!

Our cosy, decaf Bedtime Brew (*cough* available in Morrisons, Waitrose and online at Bettys.co.uk *cough*) is so unfathomably lovely that we've made 20 mugs out of sheer respect. For a chance to win one, plus a box of Bedtime Brew, just write the following message in the comments by midnight tonight. We'll pick 20 winners at...
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Job goals in order of importance:

Free tea ✔
Nice colleagues ✔
Cake at 3pm ✔
A salary ✔

We're hiring: [ Bettysandtaylors.co.uk Link ]

Brand Communications Executive – Bettys & Taylors

Our recommended daily allowance of tea for today is: 20 cups.
We'd like to express our sincere condolences to anyone who received jewellery, games consoles, gadgets, alcohol, clothing, chocolates or toys this Christmas. We can only assume that, unlike all these people, you've been bad this year.
Happy Christmas everyone! We hope your presents look a little something like this.

(Thanks to our friend John for the photo).
Some say our friend Jeanie's tea habit is out of control. Those people have never known true love.

A new perspective on the Yorkshire dialect, courtesy of a charming young man named Billy (whose Yorkshire, it must be said, is 100 times better than our Korean).
Somewhere in Yorkshire, a lone trombonist stands guard over the tea mines.
Our Head of Tea gets pretty good birthday cakes!

He also has the best job title of all time.
Brewing a tea round today? Here's our handy colour guide.
Our friends at Bettys are getting into the Christmas spirit!
Coffee? In bags? Brewed conveniently in a mug in 2 mins flat? What is this nonsense?!

*cough available now in Morrisons cough*
Ooh, snow!

Any other big news this morning? No? Great.
Hope you're having a very sparkly Bonfire Night!