You Can Quit
03/24/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
QUIT hero Robbie was a smoker for 35 years. He QUIT because he wants to be there for his family. What made you QUIT?

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Fiona Brennan QUIT for her health but is staying smoke-free for her son. Let us know why you QUIT and tell your story.

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Worried about being around smokers today? Here are some tips to help.

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QUITing smoking can be hard and lots of smokers try to QUIT a number of times before they are successful.

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There's no magic trick to getting rid of cravings but here are some tips to help.

Tips and tricks to help you QUIT
QUIT hero Eric has had his fair share of ups and downs, but has come out the other side smoke-free.

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QUIT hero Darren decided to QUIT for his health. His advice for anyone else trying to QUIT is 'Just give it a go, it can be done!'

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Congratulations Keith Cairns. Keith QUIT on National No Smoking Day. He has been an inspiration to many. It’s not too late for you to QUIT too!

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You may be a little worried that even though you want to, you can't do it. Well, you CAN QUIT, and you don't have to try alone.

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If you have been going it alone, why not phone the Quit Team on 1800 201 203

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It's a bit unfair but true, that we can all be a bit weepy or irritable when we're quitting. Here are some new ways to cope with the bad days.

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Happy Valentines Day. 1 year after QUITting cigarettes your chance of heart attack drops by half. Why not relieve your heart from the stress of smoking.
The road can be bumpy but QUIT is here to help you stay on the right path.

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