"In the battle over Obamacare, the House Freedom Caucus seems to have finally found its moment. The small band of rebel conservative lawmakers’ raison d’être has never been clearer."

Rebelling against a rotten health care bill, the House Freedom Caucus comes into its own

"There are risks to carrying a debt burden this big. It increases the nation's susceptibility to a fiscal crisis if interest rates rise, and it limits the sorts of projects government can take on in a constrained fiscal environment."

The Cost of Carrying Debt

"Last week Trump unveiled his budget outline, which jacks up military spending—though not nearly as much as critics allege: His Pentagon proposal is only 3 percent bigger than what Barack Obama sought."

Apparently Tax and Spending Cuts are Either Too Small or Too Big, but Never Just Right

"It looks like whatever House Intel Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) might have been attempting to accomplish yesterday when he held a press conference to reveal some post-election surveillance of Trump's transition team may have backfired."

Will the Prospect of Taking Trump Down Ruin Chances for Surveillance Reform?

THIS CROWD IS THE FUTURE OF AMERICA! Watch Ron Paul take the stage at the YAL Boston Summit with 503 students in attendance! #MakeLibertyWin
Live at the Boston Spring Summit with Dr. Ron Paul!
Everyone could use a liberty supercharge once in a while.

5 Judge Napolitano Quotes to Supercharge your Libertarianism

"Because of its PC culture and because of its hate speech laws, Sweden has created an environment of censorship."

Why Are People in Sweden So Afraid to Speak?