Well, this is disappointing. "The White House hasn't participated in the event since the week was established in 2011."

White House Hasn’t Announced Any National School Choice Week Events

"More broadly, according to data compiled by the Council on Foreign relations, Obama is responsible for about 540 strikes killing about 3,800 people over the course of his entire presidency; roughly 11 times the drone attacks ordered by his predecessor, George W. Bush."

A look at President Obama’s final drone kill count, now that his time in office has come to a close

"Tariffs, protectionists tell us, help the domestic economy, or at least certain industries. The truth is that restrictions on imports almost always backfire. By suppressing competition, they make domestic industries less efficient; they raise prices both on imports and the competing domestic products; they don’t spur us to fix our own problems or products but instead, they make us sloppy; and...
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Why Trade Restrictions Always Backfire | Lawrence W. Reed

Ron Paul writes: "Radical Islamic terrorism is for the most part a reaction to foreign interventionism. It will never be defeated until this simple truth is understood.

We also heard reassuring reports that President Trump was planning a major shake-up of the US intelligence community. With a budget probably approaching $100 billion, the intelligence community is the secret arm of the US...
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Trump’s Foreign Policy: An Unwise Inconsistency?

"Why would American citizens at public, taxpayer-funded universities be required to get permission to exercise their First Amendment rights?"

Column: Campus free speech quashed

"However, only $6.9 billion of that total was legal spending—meaning 88 percent was illegal—showing how much money the black market still has a hold on."

Americans and Canadians Spent $72 Billion on Weed Last Year - VICE

"Whether the issue is unconstitutional surveillance, or gun control, common core, national healthcare, prohibitions on raw milk and industrial hemp – and all kinds of issues in between – we’re using the power of the 10th Amendment to reject these power grabs and help stand for the Constitution as the Founders intended."

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

"In its final attack on gun owners, the Obama administration moved to ban traditional lead ammo on federal grounds and waterways on its last full day in office.

The ban, which includes cheap bullets and common fishing tackle, can be repealed by the Trump administration and was immediately condemned as an attack on outdoors people and rural life."

Obama's final shot: Ban on 'traditional ammo'

They're back! #YAL
Don't like militarized police and mass incarceration? Blame progressivism. The latest from our friends at Reason Magazine

Don't Like Militarized Police and Mass Incarceration? Blame Progressivism.