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"Remember when the Environmental Protection Agency caused a discharge of 3 million gallons of toxic water into the Animas River, and no one was held accountable? Now the Supreme Court is getting involved.

The toxic spill occurred in August 2015 when EPA workers accidentally caused a leak in an abandoned mine near Durango, Colorado.

Contaminants spread into vital water sources that serve...
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EPA May Finally Have to Answer for the Animas River Spill

"'This is a market solution to one of the biggest health crises we've ever seen in the history of the world,' says Aaron Biebert, director of A Billion Lives, a documentary that makes the case that regulatory agencies and non-governmental organizations are engaged in a campaign of misinformation against e-cigarettes. 'It's disturbing to me that something that's working is being demonized.'"

Are E-Cigs the Market Solution that Can Save a Billion Lives?

"Yemen is suffering one of the greatest man-made humanitarian catastrophes of this century, and the lives of tens of millions of people are at risk. Three million people are displaced, a million and a half children under the age of five are severely malnourished, and at least 80% of the country’s population needs humanitarian aid. The coalition blockade, the coalition bombing of critical...
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Famine Continues to Stalk Yemen

"It looks like President Barack Obama will be leaving office the same way he arrived: overestimating his actual commitment to rule of law and government transparency.

That's one takeaway from the president's counterterrorism speech at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida, yesterday. As is typical of an Obama speech, particularly one coming as his administration winds down, it's heavy on...
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Obama’s Outgoing Attitude on War and Terrorism: Do as He Says, Not as He Did

"Today’s economic order involves pervasive interrelations between foreigner producers, American producers operating abroad, and Americans operating in the USA. This reality means that, for one thing, the president would not really be able to identify what action he might take to preserve U.S. jobs—the matter is intricate, not obvious, because actions that seem to preserve jobs in Akron can...
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The U.S. Has a Regime-Uncertianty Problem

"If governments are trying to jump-start the development of alternatives to their traditional monopoly on money, they're doing a fine job of it. Through methods old and new, political officials seem hell-bent on eroding the shared trust that gives importance to dollars, euros, and all the other currencies we use to facilitate transactions. Recent developments in India and Venezuela reveal...
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Governments Trash Cash, Making Alternative ‘Money’ More Attractive

"In the new world system American interests would best be served by a foreign policy that aimed to preserve, not enlarge; that focused on things core rather than peripheral; that concentrated on the well understood instead of the dreamily aspirational; that sought common ground where that could be found; that was risk-averse and economical—in sum, that respected practical limits."

For a Concert of Powers

This is interesting ...

"As you can see, just 33 percent of Democrats and 38 percent of independents said the free market is bad for America. But 57 percent of Republicans said the same. Broken down by ideology instead of partisan allegiance, the numbers were nearly identical.

In bad news for the GOP but good news for the United States, the younger the respondent, the more likely they were...
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Republicans are now more likely than Democrats to say the free market is bad for America

"With so much money being spent, the American people have the right to ask whether toppling governments and rebuilding nations from scratch is the most efficient way to keep America safe. The results so far, with the Taliban slowly capturing more districts from the Afghan government and the Iraqis still dependent on U.S. airpower to fight the Islamic State—not to mention the tens of thousands...
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The Ineffective War on Terror

"Politicians give corporations favors in order to receive favors from corporations. And the only way to end this cycle is not by banning corporate favors, which only migrates the exchange to the black market.

The only solution is to eliminate the ability of politicians to influence markets. Once politicians no longer have the ability to heavily influence private commerce, property and...
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The Myth of Clean Politics | T.J. Brown

The children of [an 83-year-old] woman were concerned that she stubbornly continued to drive, even though her eyesight was failing and she had more or less given up driving at night.

However, every time the subject was mentioned, she hit back with the same riposte, which was stunningly effective. Driving might be costly and expensive, but it allowed her to maintain her independence and...
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Why the Left should embrace the sharing economy - CapX

"As the Federal Register climbed above 87,000 pages for the first time in its 81-year history, agencies issued new rules ranging from landfills to movie theaters.

Last week, 65 new final regulations were published in the Federal Register, after 85 the previous week. That’s the equivalent of a new regulation every two hours and 35 minutes.

With 3,454 final regulations published so far in...
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This Week in Ridiculous Regulations | Competitive Enterprise Institute