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Old but gold !
Always ensure that your refrigerator is not stuffed and has enough room for air circulation. #PandeyjiKiPaathshala
Adapt to energy-efficient ways and conserve power. #PandeyjiKiPaathshala
"The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter - for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way." - Nikola Tesla #EnergyWizards
#respect <3
Let the naysayers be. The Earth has changed a lot in 25 years. And it’s not good. It’s getting toastier. Google Timelapse shows it. And you can actually see the water disappearing in this.

Google Timelapse Shows How Much the Earth Has Changed in Only 25 Years

These are some breathtaking photos of sea waves on the shoreline. Get ready to go into a water tunnel. Check these photos out #beautifulwaves
[ Boredpanda.com Link ]

20+ Majestic Wave Photos That Capture The Beauty Of Breaking Waves

These are some amazing award winning wildlife photos. We hope they inspire you and encourage you to conserve the wildlife. Check the photos here. #amazingwildlife

30 Best Award Winning Wildlife Photography examples from around the world

There are more than 35,000 satellites floating around the Earth. And you can spot them if you know how. Check this link to know the technique. #amazingouterspace

How to Spot Satellites

These close up detailed photos of autumn leaves will make you appreciate the differences and variations in nature's creation.
Check it out.

I Photographed Hundreds Of Leaves To Show The Beauty Of Diversity And Imperfection

What if we say that you will soon be able to travel on hovering vehicles and meet cyborg humans? Check out these Futuristic Ideas that may soon come true. #amazingfuture

10 Futuristic Technology That May Come True Very Soon

Insects freak us out. But do you know how important they are for us? Read this article to know how these creepy crawler and pests help us in our lives.

Who Let the Bugs Out? | Purdue | entomology | insect | collect | supplies | specimen | mounting | identifying | displaying | preserve | labels

JUHU Beach Clean up program was conducted in support of the annual event of International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) arranged by Indian Coast Guard & co-sponsored by Reliance Energy :)
Contrary to popular belief, whale sharks, just like all the other sharks, are not fierce and in no way pose threat to humans. Instead they are docile, and quite reserved. #whalesharkday
Go 6,381,000 meters deep inside the Earth’s crust.
This Janmasthmi, safely make a pyramid, carefully climb high, extend your arm, and turn the switch off! Go green on this occasion. #HappyJanmasthmi
But we are building our own jungle, we don’t need them, right? Got a tale, tell us. Get featured! #tet
This video will take you 384,400,000m high. That’s how high the sky is.