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Some lucky Baby Daddy and Young & Hungry super fans got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their two favorite comedies! From a set tour to a meet-and-greet with the stars of the shows, yesterday was a day these fans will never forget!
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Here's to food + cuddles in this winter weather. ❀
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Hungry Baby Liars. #ThrowbackThursday

Photo via Aimee Carrero.
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It's official. Emily Osment has the coolest ride to work.

Photo via Emily.
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FACT: No one pulls off geek chic better.

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"Happy Birthday Betty White! We're so lucky we got to spend today with you. 95 years young AND HUNGRY. Check out our greatest recurring guest star of ALL TIME this season starting March 13th!" - Emily Osment
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"I'm just gonna leave this here." - Emily Osment
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Can't wait for you to watch this crazy episode in the spring... Hey there, guest star: Heather Dubrow.

Photo via Jonathan Sadowski.
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Aimee. Queen of Carrero.
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Saturday night ready.
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"You guys!!!!! Heather Dubrow graced us with her presence this week and she is the sweetest/tallest. Can't wait for you to see her as Natasha." - Emily Osment
Been there.
A lil' beauty for your day. ❀‍
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It's true.
Definitely feeling the love. ❀‍
These two are all the GORGEOUS.

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It's OFFICIAL. Get ready to start cookin' & laughin' real soon. Young & Hungry Season 5 premieres Monday, March 13th at 8/7c on Freeform.