In Young Life Expeditions, through cross-cultural service and engagement in countries like the Philippines, you get to make new friends, deepen your relationship with God, and be the change you wish to see in the world! Learn more:
‪Coffee is a must for those dog days.
Our friends from Arcadia Young Life say Monday nights are the loudest and craziest nights of the week! Do you agree?
The light show.
We love this picture from our Young Life Naples friends! Definitely belongs on a Christmas card!
Be still, and know God is with you.
We love this picture from our good friend, Brandon Heath! It's always tough holding it together seeing the redemption stories during cardboard testimonies.
"I never felt so loved until my Young Life leader took me to Young Life camp. Everyone was so friendly and nice. They were there for the same reason I was, to expand our knowledge of Jesus Christ our Savior. This camp was like the last resort for me. I had gotten myself into some mess and my mother was not going to let me go. She felt that it wouldn’t change me because I got myself into the...
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Spot the Young Life leader.
You made it through Monday! Have yourself a cookie
Christmas is coming quick! Don't miss out on your chance to visit the Young Life Store and grab all the stocking stuffers you need for this holiday season! Buy your Christmas gear here:
Putting the "wonder" in Winter Wonderland ❄
No matter the location, Campaigners is a time for kids to learn and grow.
Young Life leaders serve locally, dream globally, love radically, and live audaciously.

Through his world travels, Young Life leader BC Serna not only inspired his high school friends to want to travel the world, but he helped raise enough money for one of his guys to go around the world for the last six months.

Never underestimate the impact you can have by entering into kids' worlds and...
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No better day for a throwback than Thursday. #ThrowbackThursday
Living for the nights we'll always remember with the people we'll never forget.
"Young Life has allowed me to share my faith without worry of ridicule by those around me. I've been able to passionately influence those in my school and that gives me joy. Before committing my life to Christ, I didn't believe that I had purpose. I found my identity in the people around me and I was saddened by the lie that I wasn't truly wanted. I thought Jesus was just someone to keep for...
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At Young Life, we don't see lots of shoes in the hallway as inconvenient. For us, lots of shoes equals lots of kids being met where they are and loved as they are!
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The Young Life InFormer: November 2016
Let's take a Sunday drive.