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One handler goes for an unplanned swim during a photo shoot thanks to one very large, very enthusiastic horse.

Featured Video: Express Clydesdales at the Beach
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Ask the Vet: What are the early symptoms of impaction colic?

Ask the Vet: Impaction Colic
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The 2017 Road to the Horse competition features an all-female lineup and takes place March 23-26.

Celebration of the Cowgirl at Road to the Horse
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There are some things about horses we humans will never truly understand.

The Near Side: Unsolved Equine Mysteries
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Happy first day of spring!
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Several organizations are collecting horse and livestock supplies in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas.

Relief Sought for Ranches Affected by Wildfires
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Mildred the pony didn't win, but she gave the human runners some on-course entertainment.

Shetland Pony Joins in on a 10K Road Race
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A horse gets service with a smile courtesy of Dave the Donkey.

Featured Video: Breakfast is a Donkey
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Working in exchange for riding lessons is one of the best things you can do to develop as a rider.

5 Reasons Why I Love Working at the Barn
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Ask the Vet: What exactly is ringbone and what can I do to treat it?

Ask the Vet: Ringbone
A pair of Mini Horses made for an interesting sight as they frolicked around the NYC borough.

Escaped Equines Have a Snow Day on Staten Island
An elderly horse and a young steer have forged a friendship at Sweet Farm rescue.

Featured Video: The Friendship Between a Steer and a Stallion
Ask the Vet: Why does my horse choke on his grain, and what can I do about it?

Ask the Vet: Chronic Choking
If this weekend’s weather doesn’t make you wish you were in Florida, this historic equestrian event will.

Live Oak International is Showcases the Country’s Best Carriage Driving
Young Rider Emma is enjoying the second half of her winter in Florida. In this week's blog, she talks about her lesson with dressage pro Svetlana Gorski and learns about the importance of flexibility.

IRL Emma Takes On Florida Week Four
A public art project around Tryon, North Carolina, is seeking submissions from local artists.

Celebrating Horses with The Art of the Horse
New Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke Arrives on Horseback
The former U.S. Congressman from Montana showed up to work on a horse from the U.S. Park Police Mounted Unit.

New Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke Arrives on Horseback
A study found that students performed better on certain tasks after riding, but for this purpose, not all horses are created equal.

Riding Certain Horses Improves Cognitive Test Results
Past experience performing CPR on foals helped one of the vets save a man who collapsed during an exercise class.

Veterinarians Honored for Their Role in Saving a Human Life