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Keep your eye on the door behind them. I want to scream at them to turn around!

They Watch A Slideshow Of Their Newborn Grandson, But Have No Clue He’s In The Room Behind Them
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And because of it, he's “gained confidence with his classmates and with expressing himself, and it’s made it easier for the other students to approach him.”

Generous Fifth-Graders Give Up Recess To Help Deaf Classmate
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day has passed again, but these are inspiring and important any day you hear them.

The 7 Most Important Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes to Live by in 2017 Are Exactly What We Need
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Are you concerned with the incoming potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare?

This One Tweet About a Patient on Chemotherapy Shows What's Really At Stake With Health Care
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Wow! Who's excited for Hugh Jackman in this?
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So "Buy American and hire American" but the president makes an exception when it comes to his clothing line?

7 Tweets Sum Up Why Trump's Inaugural 'Buy American' Remark Is Somewhat Hypocritical
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"I want them to realize that this life is a gift and you have to cherish every moment that you get.”

With Only a Few Months Left to Live, This Teen Battling Cancer Has a Unique Final Request
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Can you guess where this happened?

(Hint: It's known as the sunshine state.)

Tourists Almost Become Food After Gator Leaps Into Boat During Close Encounter
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In his spare time, this incredible man had been holding free lessons under a bridge in New Delhi for seven years now.

When Kids in India Couldn't Afford Schooling, A Grocery Store Owner Gave Them a Free Education
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Everyone must think twice before posting or sharing offensive memes like this one.

After Being Shamed in a Walmart Meme, This Brave Women Fights Back Against Her Online Trolls
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“You will have to work twice as hard for everything that everyone else gets, but it will be worth it in the long run to prove the ‘haters’ wrong."

Why This 15-Year-Old Ballerina Is Crushing Stereotypes Everywhere
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After the incident, he thought, "Maybe I should be around. Maybe there’s a reason," and then turned his life around.

After a Devastating Car Crash, A 400-Pound Man Became Motivated to Change His Entire Life
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Before handing over power, (now) former President Barack Obama left some hopeful parting words.

Here's What Barack Obama Wrote in His Farewell Letter to the Nation
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"When we had some new fresh snow come down, we took advantage of it and naturally, the cats came with us."

Watch This Brave Cat Go Sledding Down Hill While On His Human's Shoulder