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“It has brought a tear to my eye. It has been an amazing journey. It’s the indomitable spirit of the human being.”

Burn Victim Completes Ironman Triathlon After Being Told She Would Never Walk Again
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A 2014 bike crash left Todd Krieg paralyzed from the waist down, but his pregnancy announcement is now going viral.

‘It Still Works.’ Paraplegic Takes Internet by Storm With Perfect Pregnancy Announcement
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He walked out of the building and knew tomorrow was going to be a better day. #NeverGiveUp

Homeless Man's Reaction After Getting Full-Time Job Offer Will Hit You in the Feels
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Bumblebees were once prominent throughout the country, but numerous challenges have contributed to rapid population decline.

How the Bumblebee Would Have Made It to the Endangered Species List If Not for President Trump
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This gem of a quote is particularly apropos this #PresidentsDay.
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For parents who teach their children good manners, they get a little taken off the top.

Italian Restaurateur Rewards Families With Well-Behaved Children With Discount on Their Meal
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She had her first surgery at 10 months old...and just look at her now!

After Years of Surgery, Adorable 2-Year-Old Is Transformed After Facial Tumor Removal
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“By the time I gathered my senses, the dog was out of the water and I’m in it up to my chest, just feet from the gator.”

When This Black Lab Was Attacked by a Gator, His Human Instantly Became a Hero to Save Him
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Christie and Dave Cason had 16 other children together, nine boys and seven girls. The couple from Lake Elsinore, California had no problem conceiving naturally. But in 2013, just five months after the birth of her youngest son, Christie left the entire medical community stunned...

Couple Has 19 Kids, But When Mom Goes For Next Ultrasound, Doctors Are Completely Shocked
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"I've made a terrible mistake." #Mondays LOL!
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Goliath, who was a "drop calf" from a dairy farm, has been raised alongside the three family dogs on Shaylee Hubbs' family's ranch in Danville, California.

Meet Goliath, the Cow Who Thinks He’s One of the Dogs
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For years, he had a deep down feeling there was something or someone missing in his life.

Twins Separated During WWII Find One Another 70 Years Later
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Young Woman Overhears This In The Restaurant, Now The Web Is In A Frenzy

This Woman Invited A Stranger To Eat Lunch With Her. The Reaction She Got… Amazing!
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17-year-old Mohammad Hasher and his 6-year-old sister, Noor, have had a difficult time since their dad walked out on them. But the teen was baffled one morning when he found the little girl in a dress.

Dad Stops Speaking To Kids After Divorce. Months Later, Teen Sees Sister’s Dress And Is Stunned