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Billionaires have a long list of things to accomplish every day and they just can’t afford to waste a quarter of each day snoozing in bed. Here’s how much sleep these successful people get.

Exactly how much sleep Indra Nooyi, Jack Dorsey, and other successful business leaders get
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Here are seven situations in which it is alright to take a pay cut. Although, if you are offered more money, don’t say no. :P

7 times it’s okay to take a pay cut
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The startup melds practices from various disciplines to provide holistic medical intervention to patients.

This doctor dumped US job to build integrated medicine platform Syncremedies
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This year, examine the negative habits that are holding you back and work towards getting rid of them.

5 negative habits you should give up if you want to be successful
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Finding natural, safe, toxin-free product options for their daughter was very hard and they soon realised there were others who faced similar challenges.That’s when the couple decided to start The Moms Co.

The story behind The Moms Co. and its toxin-free products for expecting mothers
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“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

10 habits that separate a ‘leader’ from a ‘boss’
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The story of Kalyan Jewellers and why they chose .net (Verisign) for their business.
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Woodgeekstore is an e-commerce startup that manufactures and sells wooden accessories.

Kolkata-based bootstrapped Woodgeek has made wooden accessories for LinkedIn and Adidas
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The story of Ferns N Petals and how they created a niche in the market with .com (Verisign) at a time when websites were not so popular.
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There are four lines of customer service processes that must be adhered to in order to increase brand loyalty and customer recall. Read here to find out.

The 4 pillars of customer service
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The Genesis of Chumbak and how .com (Verisign) was an important choice to reach customers across the country.
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Bengaluru-based Goodbox is a platform that provides small businesses with an online presence, helping them connect with their customers through their mini and mega app concepts.

From newspaper vendor to local grocer, Goodbox has a subsidised mini app for everything
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Here is the story of Chai Point and how they are combining tradition and technology to fuel India with .com (Verisign)
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Facebook is now at the centre of brand and marketers’ content, marketing, and even sales strategy. With over 1.2 billion daily user base, it is one of the most power consumer-connect tools in the history of business.

6 ways to generate Facebook leads that matter
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Here is the story of how Ruosh is creating it's footprint in the men's lifestyle segment with .com (Verisign)
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The 61-year old now owns 82.36 percent of the parent company Avenue Supermarts because of which his wealth is now Rs 32,934 crore. Here is the story of Radhakishan Damani.

Meet India's Warren Buffett, the low-profile investor-turned-billionaire
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The story of Paper Boat, drinks that offer you all your favorite old flavors in a new avatar, and how have they embraced change and reached out to millions across the country with .com (Verisign)
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No one is obligated to respond to an email, but if you want to write emails that even CEOs will open, follow these five easy steps.

5 simple steps to writing emails even CEOs will open
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Mumbai based Raw Pressery, a cold-pressed juice brand is collecting pet bottles and recycling them into uniforms for underprivileged school children.

This startup is transforming pet bottles into school uniforms for underprivileged children
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The Leadburg app allows users to play games, rate their friends, compare themselves, figure out strengths and weaknesses, and discover new compatibilities.

This app lets you discover your strengths and validate your skills to match the industry standards