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Although this one might be moving towards resolution, with UPI gaining traction, one can expect even larger disputes to arise in the future.

Verdict on PhonePe-ICICI Bank dispute is out, seems to be in PhonePe’s favour
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Here are a few outdated ways of pitching your startup to an investor and how you can avoid them.

4 outdated ways of pitching your startup idea to an investor
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You need the right people with you, not the best people.

Wisdom of Jack Ma condensed into 33 quotes
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In his closing remarks he said he had one final request for Americans as president: I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change - but in yours.

President Obama says goodbye to America
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Alibaba will become the official ‘Cloud Services’ and ‘E-Commerce Platform Services’ Partner, as well as a Founding Partner of the Olympic Channel.

Alibaba to hold 'Olympic torch' till 2028, signs historic deal with IOC
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Cynthia believes that for a leader it is important to be approachable and communicate while maintaining maximum transparency.

Cynthia Srinivas, Director at Intuit, on studying computers in 1980s and the achievements of women in tech | Herstory
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While no one may have bothered to read legal documents when the founders/management was busy raising outside financings, during times of conflict the legal rights of the investors versus founders/management become critical in determining who wins and keeps control of the company and the business going forward.

Corporate governance and decision making
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Do founders have a role to play even after companies bring in professional managers on board? If yes, what should their role be? What is it that founders bring to the table that professional managers generally can’t?

Do founders have a role after a startup grows to maturity?
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With a little focus and planning you can be more productive this year! Here is a complete guide on how you can achieve this.

Here are 50 ways to improve your productivity.
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Ratan Tata did not invest in them, but his advice gave this Chennai startup the clarity to move ahead.

ThePostbox from Chennai brings you nostalgia in design
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Ma noted that through the partnership, he aims to get more young people involved in sports. He noted that sports is not just about muscle, but also about brains and emotions. Talking about a winning mindset, he said, If you want to be successful, you have to have EQ (emotional quotient); if you want to be respected, you have to have the love quotient(LQ).

Alibaba to hold 'Olympic torch' till 2028, signs historic deal with IOC
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Avoiding these habits might help you sail through 2017 better.

17 habits to stay away from in 2017
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The PayPal Entrepreneur Contest is open to all Indian entrepreneurs who have a story to share on how they overcame hurdles and embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. Participate in the PayPal Entrepreneur Contest today. Last date for nomination is January 29, 2017.

How PayPal is enabling Indian MSMEs to go international and the recently launched PayPal Entrepreneur Contest
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Currently, the platform gets as many as 1,500 visitors on the platform daily, with 200 of them turning into active leads.

[Bootstrap Heroes]: How Cashkumar’s pivot led them to break even on a monthly basis, and disburse loans worth Rs 6 cr in just six months
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Somesh Chandran figured that it’s a great time to organise Hindi lyrics into something more useful for listeners and founded

Dohaz gives meaning to all those songs you don’t understand
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Mother, counselor, gamer. Farida Rizwan wears many hats with panache. But there’s a queen-sized crown she wears, and that’s of a survivor.

Meet Farida, who not only beat cancer but found the strength to help others
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Dialogues Cafe is not your ordinary place where you chill with your friends having overpriced coffee and food.

At this Bengaluru Café time literally costs you money
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Meet the heiress who will make the Birlas proud, albeit with her own unique shenanigans.

The billion-dollar heiress with a mattress in her office and ‘waitressing’ on her resume: Ananya Birla | Herstory