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Glad to announce our partnership with Techkriti, IIT Kanpur -Asia's largest international technical and entrepreneurial Festival.

Registrations for competitions has begun,visit: [ Link ]

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From kindergarten to primary school and from high school to college, you have been studying endlessly. There has never been a break. Sometimes, you need to take respite from monotony. The perfect time to do this, is after college. Even if you like how the current flow of things, a break will definitely make everything better!

Here are are a few reasons that may just be the push you need to...
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When the national anthem was played, there was a unison of uff and shh and ohh.

This Is What I Felt While Standing Up For The National Anthem In The Movie Hall
You have to take care of yourself when you have to pick love, because often love is not enough and we sacrifice ourselves too much for love.

9 Times We Need To Take Care Of Ourselves Over Anyone Else
So, it isn’t shameless to beat up two people in love, but it is shameless to express love publicly?

It’s Our Society That’s Shameful & Uncultured On Valentine’s Day, Not The Couples Celebrating It
“I am feeling so depressed that I didn’t get straight As this semester.”

Depression, anxiety, body image issues, suicide are not common terminology and it’s time we stopped trivializing them.

Here’s Why The Nonchalance Around Mental Illness Is Our Own Doing
FGM became a cultural practice in India only so that Bohra male traders could control their women's sexual urges and hence ensure loyalty and fidelity. It is a clear violation of human/women/children’s rights.

Dawoodi Bohra Women Are Asking Our Government To End Female Genital Mutilation. Help Them Do It.
Our country is plagued by violence, poverty, malnutrition, stalled economy, communal disharmony, internal terrorism, slowly rising extremist forces, gender based violence and corruption. Yet, what matters to us is whether a person stands up during the national anthem or not.

We Need To Realise What Forced Patriotism (Read: Nationalism) Is Doing To Our Nation
Who doesn't love a bit of Fawad? <3
How are we supposed to bring down a force when they are called the real nationalists who want to take back our country to its former glory?

The Rise Of A Biased Youth Population In Our Country Points Towards A Scary Future
Sisak is the result of the belief that if love knows no bounds, it need not be bound with words, either.

This Trailer Of India’s First Silent LGBTQ Short Film, ‘Sisak’ Will Move You
With fewer friends I have had the luxury of having space, time and undivided attention.

Here Is Why I Prefer To Have Fewer Friends In Life Rather Than A Large Group
Our generation has had the privilege of growing up and living in a free India with our own constitution- here are a few facts about the day that made that possible!

Happy Republic Day, fellow Indians :D
Ambition is not a disease; you cannot be infected by it. When men show ambition, the entire world approves and does not bat an eyelid at the idea.

However, if a woman is ambitious, there are a lot of problems.
With such a conflict of ideals, how does marriage come into play in a feminist discussion?

Here Is How Feminists View Marriage V/S How Society Views It