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Ambition is not a disease; you cannot be infected by it. When men show ambition, the entire world approves and does not bat an eyelid at the idea.

However, if a woman is ambitious, there are a lot of problems.
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With such a conflict of ideals, how does marriage come into play in a feminist discussion?

Here Is How Feminists View Marriage V/S How Society Views It
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All of his books are just so beautiful that you are left wanting for more.

Here Is Why You Must Have Nicholas Sparks Novels On Your Bedside Shelf
"Shubh Aarambh comes as a breathe of fresh air for the Gujarati film scene as it directs the industry to newer, more nuanced themes."

If you haven’t booked tickets for your family to watch this film, hurry now!

Movie Review: ‘Shubh Aarambh’ Is A Reflection Of Marriage, Love, And Loneliness – All In One
Today is Swami Vivekanand's birth anniversary and the National Youth Day. May his words always inspire us to be better for our nation, society, and ourselves!
Popularity is like power, with much of it, comes responsibility, and just like with power, it becomes too much to handle.

Here’s Why I’m Okay With Not Being The Popular Girl In My College.
Manusmriti or 'Laws of Manu', also known as 'Manav Dharmashastra' is the earliest traditional literature in Hinduism. Manusmriti is a text which includes Lord Brahma's wisdom. However, the text is contradictory in itself. One of these flaws is the portrayal of women. Here is a list of translated verses regarding the nature and treatment of women in society, which will shock, surprise and...
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This is a path that we have to tread carefully – as in what to take and what to leave from them.

Here Are The Lessons We Should Take From Our Elders, And The Ones We Shouldn’t
You will definitely find a group of people holding a chaas competition because chaas is life! <3

13 Things That Happen At Every Gujarati Wedding
Scientists, activists, and anyone who has ever cared about the environment has told that our planet is running out of time, that our planet needs to be saved. But, does it?

This Video On Climate Change Shows How Earth Isn’t Running Out Of Time, We Are.
Every year, we take up a bunch of new year’s resolution which are waaaaay out of our achievement and we can’t ever commit to those. Never have we ever considered the fact that if only we came up with realistic resolutions, we may be able to actually keep them throughout the year.
Friends and relatives have always been my biggest critics, self-assumed of course.

Here Is How Body Shaming Made Me Hate Myself And How I Am Still Struggling With It
Is he allowed to forget it when he made me incapable to sit with a group of guys without feeling threatened?

This Is How Child Sexual Abuse Changed My Life And How I Dealt With It
Ah Christmas. Such a beautiful time. There’s magic in the air; and joy! And that time of the year is here again!

Despite being one of the most widely celebrated festivals across the world, there are many things we have either got wrong about Christmas, or never knew about in the first place and we believe it’s about time we did.