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As we grow up, people expect us to be mature and handle life but as soon as we turn twenty, people don’t mind if we have some fun. A twenty year old is expected to enjoy and have fun, to be irresponsible, insensitive and a brattish party animal. Some of us just skip this stage mentally but have to go through our twenties behaving in a way that is opposite to what is expected of us. Here are a...
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There might be miles to go before you sleep, but to what avail is travelling such a distance when you don’t cherish what you already have.

Here Is Why Both, Mediocrity And Ambition, Scare Me
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Body shaming and bullying someone, who doesn’t fit the socially accepted ideals of beauty is something feminism stands against – respect is not based on how someone looks.

Here Are A List Of A Few Characteristics That Definitely Don’t Make You A Feminist
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Raise your voice against the smallest incidents of sexual harassment because people should be called out on it.

Watch This Video To Know How To Raise Your Voice Against Sexual Harassment
Why is anything considered remotely feminine enough to ward off men?

Here’s Why Men Detest Being Associated With Anything Remotely Feminine.
It isn’t just the big goals that need motivation; we need it for the most banal activities as well.

The Only Way To Motivate Yourself Is From Within, Here’s Why.
Today is a day to acknowledge all the work that has been done by women, for women, in the past. What better way than to remember their words?

Happy International Women's Day! May the power and strength of the feminine lift you higher <3
Our country has remarkable provisions of animal rights, I just don’t see how they can be enforced in a society that is indifferent, if not hateful towards animals.

Animal Abuse Is An Accepted Reality In India. Here’s What We Need To Learn From Other Countries
In our country it is a sign of a good family when you bow down to your elders.

This bowing down business continues from the minute the baby can stand and join hands and does not end until you are the eldest family member. In exchange of this good behaviour, we get blessings of various kinds, depending on how old we are.

Kids get a "Khush raho" and 20 somethings get a "Ab shaadi kar lo"....
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Look at the rock solid relationships and marriages that broke, do you think that love was the missing element?

Here Is Why I Think That Love Is Never Enough In Any Relationship
If only I could have a dime for every time I am told by a guy that I should relax, because it’s not the first time I had it.

Here’s How Women Are Also Responsible For A Regressive Attitude Towards Menstruation
“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell you that solitude is fine.” – Honoré de Balzac

16 Solitude Quotes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Being Alone
Glad to announce our partnership with Techkriti, IIT Kanpur -Asia's largest international technical and entrepreneurial Festival.

Registrations for competitions has begun,visit: [ Link ]

From kindergarten to primary school and from high school to college, you have been studying endlessly. There has never been a break. Sometimes, you need to take respite from monotony. The perfect time to do this, is after college. Even if you like how the current flow of things, a break will definitely make everything better!

Here are are a few reasons that may just be the push you need to...
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When the national anthem was played, there was a unison of uff and shh and ohh.

This Is What I Felt While Standing Up For The National Anthem In The Movie Hall
You have to take care of yourself when you have to pick love, because often love is not enough and we sacrifice ourselves too much for love.

9 Times We Need To Take Care Of Ourselves Over Anyone Else
So, it isn’t shameless to beat up two people in love, but it is shameless to express love publicly?

It’s Our Society That’s Shameful & Uncultured On Valentine’s Day, Not The Couples Celebrating It
“I am feeling so depressed that I didn’t get straight As this semester.”

Depression, anxiety, body image issues, suicide are not common terminology and it’s time we stopped trivializing them.

Here’s Why The Nonchalance Around Mental Illness Is Our Own Doing