It's Monday... was it a big weekend? Are you needing a reset? ‍♂ Whether your big weekend included late nights or early mornings, Tim Robards Thermomix in Australia's PAPRIKA PORK WITH CAULIFLOWER PILAF is sure to keep you going for the week ahead! Be sure to make enough for leftovers - you won't regret it! ❤⠀

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Thermomix Paprika pork with cauliflower pilaf - Tim Robards - yum. Gluten Free
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I was excited to post a new recipe for you guys but was stopped in my tracks by this article.

I'm in awe as these were my exact symptoms for 9 years, prior to being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The misdiagnoses and I'll-prescribed medications cost me my health through pivotal years of my development, all because no one believed that I knew my body better than they did.

My passion with...
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This Actress Was Misdiagnosed For 25 Years. Here's How She Finally Got Well
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It's FriYAY and this cake makes me want to party! A raw, gluten, grain, dairy, refined sugar free, soy and egg free party, that is. Who's with me??

Cutting out certain foods for health reasons doesn't mean you can't enjoy food anymore. It means you get to experiment with new foods! Thanks to amazing people like the lovely Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking, the options are truly endless these...
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Raw macadamia lime 'cheesecake' - yum. Gluten Free
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The perfect HOMEMADE GLUTEN FREE FLOUR MIX? Yes! This is no standard rice flour either... Thermomix in Australia has brought us a nutritious combination of rice, chia, potato, sorghum and arrowroot. It's the perfect blend for all your baking needs ⠀

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Gluten free flour mix - yum. Gluten Free
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In Australia we have a popular chocolate bar called the CHERRY RIPE Model Chocolate by ABIGAIL O'NEILL has created the healthy version for sustained energy rather than a quick burst so you can keep going about your business knowing you just gave your body a much needed dose of vitamins and minerals! Oh, and it's bloody delicious! ❤⠀

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CRANBERRY RIPE - yum. Gluten Free
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BOYS, GIRLS... it's Valentine's Day! If you know your special someone loves breakfast in bed, Bake Mixes has the perfect BANANA CHOC-CHIP PANCAKES recipe! ‍‍????⠀

Recipe, search "pancakes" on [ Link ]

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Remember to always love yourself FIRST so you can be prepared to give love. Do something a little something special for you today, whether that means a tasty treat or dedicated time for meditation. ‍♂❤ How are you celebrating this special day with loved ones?

Valentines Day recipes, articles and events
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When we think of February, no doubt Valentine's Day comes to mind. Remember to love yourself FIRST so you can be prepared to give love. Do something a little special for you, whether that means a tasty treat or dedicated time for meditation.

YGF has some fun recipes and articles for sharing Valentine's Day with others so ENJOY, especially if you're more of the "tasty treat"...
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Newsletter: Happy LOVE DAY from yum. Gluten Free!
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February recipes on [ Link ] now!

Thank you to our gorgeous contributors, Live Love Nourish, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Bake Mixes, Organic Passion Catering!
Stuck on ideas for a dinner for two? ???? Zoe Bingley-Pullin has your Valentine's, or any day of the year, sorted with a menus for two. Hop on to pick out yours now

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A Gluten Free Table for Two - yum. Gluten Free
So keen for my next 100% gluten free avo on toast at Dovetail On Overend in Norman Park! ???? The owner is a Coeliac and takes extreme care to prevent cross contamination, they use the incredible Deeks Gluten Free Bakery & Cafe quinoa multi-seed loaf and this weekend @rejoiceinbaking has gone crazy with the gluten free goodies!!! Get there! ‍♀☕

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The weekend's got me like Ready to make these LLN CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES by Live Love Nourish ❤ I would say it's for Valentine's Day but it's really just because I want them ⠀

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LLN Chocolate Dipped Strawberries - yum. Gluten Free
We're crazy for coconuts in this fresh new article Natural Raw C has created a coconut water that is naturally sweet and isn't hiding anything nasty in their ingredients
Chef Pete Evans

#Read all about it [ Link ]

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Pure Natural Raw C Coconut Water - yum. Gluten Free
✨I'm feeling loved up with this super gorgeous RAW WALNUT BROWNIE HEART by ABIGAIL O'NEILL of Model Chocolate! Free of gluten, grains, dairy and eggs making it paleo and vegan so everyone can get into it! ✨⠀

#Recipe: [ Link ]

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Dinner, dinner, DONE! ✔ This gorgeous CHICKEN AND VEGETABLE RISOTTO by Zoe Bingley-Pullin is deliciously nutritious and can be on your table in just 30 minutes! Check out the recipe to get cooking! ⠀

#Recipe: [ Link ]

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Chicken and Vegetable Risotto - yum. Gluten Free
One week?? Yes, Valentine's Day is only a week away! Whether you want to treat your partner or are having a girls night in, ABIGAIL O'NEILL of Model Chocolate has created a recipe way better than flowers... HONEY LAVENDER TOP DECK SCREAMS ❤⠀

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Needing a 30-day reset? ‍♂ Wholesomeness in Southeast Queensland has you covered! ‍♀ ⠀

Let them do the cooking with 30 days worth of gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free meals either to be picked up or delivered straight to your door! There will also be nutritional support to assist you with your journey and answer any questions you may have ????

Click here [ Link ] for more...
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Fruit and coconut oil... That's it! This super moreish dessert is amazingly nutrient-dense and full of natural sugars. Thank you Zoe Bingley-Pullin for these super tasty APPLE AND STRAWBERRY CHILLED TREATS ❤

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Apple and Strawberry Chilled Treats - yum. Gluten Free
Have you seen our GIVEAWAY on Instagram?! Melbourne Picnics is giving away 2 FREE TICKETS to their 100% gluten free and FODMAP friendly event! Hop on over to our Instagram and enter before a winner is selected this Sunday, 5 February! ‍♂

Click here to enter [ Link ]

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Getting ready for next weeks' meal prep and these beauties are on the list! These simple sugar free banana muffins are a nourishing snack, a naturally sweet treat or a healthy lunchbox item: LLN GLUTEN FREE BANANA MUFFINS by Live Love Nourish ✔⠀

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LLN Gluten Free Banana Muffins - yum. Gluten Free