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Do you think it’s true or false?
«You don’t have to necessarily wash your face if you don’t wear make-up!»
Come back tomorrow to find out if you were right
Avec ces températures hivernales, ton visage mérite bien 1 petit masque pour le chouchouter
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No doubt about it, Winter weather is not fun for skin! Give your face a quick assist with a face mask
by @margauxsupplieflr on instagram.com/yvesrochercanada
Yves Rocher Canada
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Avocados don’t only taste good; they're also full of Vitamin E which your skin adores! Here’s 17 genius ways to eat avocados and get their full benefits ???? from Cosmopolitan

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See you later swollen eyes! Put an ice cube in a towel and apply it under and on each eye in the morning. The cold activates the blood circulation & reduce puffy eyes and dark circles #YoureWelcome
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Hot water may feel good on your skin in the winter, but it strips your skin of its good oils... Yikes! Avoid this by opting for lukewarm water when washing your face!
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It’s False !
Serums are light and fast-absorbing care, and have a higher concentration in active ingredients. Moisturizers hydrates your skin in its deepest layers for an hydration boost.

Your Routine: Start by applying a serum to boost the vitality of your skin, then after 2-3 min apply your moisturizer to seal in the nutrients and to re-hydrate your skin.
Do you think it’s true or false?
Face creams and Serums have the same benefits on your skin!
Come back tomorrow to find out if you were right ;)
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Un peu de détente après les Fêtes! Prenez un petit moment pour souffler au coin du feu avec nous ;)
With the Holiday Season behind us, it’s time to unwind! Join us by the fireplace to relax ;)