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Getting ready for the weekend!!!
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But they certainly died for their best mate!!! #fuckvalentiensday
Remember we all have a story! #NeverGiveUp
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You don't know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. Super setting bi's - tri's @muscleperformance1 click herefor my diet #NeverGiveUp #BeYou #BeReal
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9 million likes for this picture and fuck knows how many shares!!! This got me thinking most of these people won't even share their friends' success, but will share this illuminati worshipping celebrity . Who don't even know who the fuck you dumb bitches or fuckers are!!! When did any of your friends repost your pic saying " my friend is pregnant I'm so happy!!! " but instead you post this...
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You think you like me??? Nah you ain't like me! I respected my elders!!!!
"My REAL thoroughbreds know... no ????, all action "
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. #GetDaFukOuttaHere
How many women would of done the same thing??
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One of my favourite things to take when dieting or not!! I ❤ my hazelnut drops in my morning coffee!!! Taste amazing and zero calories. check them out!!! [ Link ]
Some good shoulder exercises for you ladies [ Link ]
Keep it simple... to build a nice round butt just squat. Slow and smooth reps always keeping the ass muscle under constant tension!! Full workout in link below for uk followers -
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Amazing tasting chronicle amino!!! Pineapple now we talking!!! - [ Link ]
Because since birth we have been taught ego and through our growth we lost our soul which is the REAL us. Self hate is what one carries and hate is just fear and fear is just a broken ego. When you hate yourself you hate others that's why you see these Pussyboii's writing hateful comments on your pics because really they pissed off because they can never be like YOU!!! . It's all a projection...
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