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A tradition in the US Presidential transition is for the outgoing President, Barack, to leave a few words of advice to the incoming president, Donald. What could he have written?
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[VIDEO] We had this nightmare back in May 2016. And this just happened.

Trump Nation (My Country 'Tis of ME)
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WATCH: Episode 168 of the latest #PuppetNationZA in just about 60 seconds. But for the full episode, with all the laughs, catch it over on
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Forget the billions stolen from the public.

Public Protector's Report Stolen
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I think it's safe to say the majority of the world, never mind just America, can understand the urge to hurl at this.

Lady Liberty Looks Upon The Inauguration Of President Trump
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With Trump writing his own inaugural speech, everyone’s back of neck hair is standing up. But that’s not the only hair standing up.
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Having returned from his “listening and learning” trip to Israel, Mmusi’s ready to hit up Syria, Belfast, and anywhere else he may be needed.
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One way the ANC could end this whole succession battle would be with a good old rap battle. That’d definitely wrap it up.
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And we’re back, with the first Puppet Nation ZA of 2017. You may be feeling a bit down at the dawning of the Era of Trump, but we’re here to remind you that no matter what happens, we’ll keep the laughs coming. On top of taking a look in on Donald Trump as he prepares his speech and gets his coif ready ahead of his inauguration, we also pop in on Mmusi Maimane who fresh from his trip to Israel...
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Puppet Nation 168
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It's going to be an interesting four years for America.

The Inauguration of Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin
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When did we enter a world where Communists must lecture the West on the dangers of protectionism and nationalism?

The World Has Changed
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How long can he hang in there?

Yahya Jammeh Clings To Power
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Singer to make case for white genocide to NASA rover.

Broederbond Moves To Send Hofmyer To Mars
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Donald Trump spent Martin Luther King Day weekend apparently discussing urban development with comic Steve Harvey and also finding some time to attack civil rights leader John Lewis on Twitter.

"Steve Harvey" Joins Trevor Noah to Explain Why He Met With Donald Trump
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Shower Head, meet Golden Shower Head.

Golden Shower Head
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Journalist confirms the leak came from “several sources simultaneously”

Leak Investigation Leaks Preliminary Report on Leaks
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"Recall" is currently the most terrifying word in The Union Buildings.

Close Call For Zuma