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Zari the bosslady
12/02/2016 at 08:24. Facebook
Would like to inform my loyal Zari All White Ciroc Party supporters that we won't have a party this year due to 'Family responsibilities' but God willing we will have it back bigger and better with a bang next year. Thank you for your loyal support for 7 consecutive years.... Stay blessed.
Zari the bosslady
11/29/2016 at 21:10. Facebook
Good night lovers
Y'all ready know what it is in afew hours.... follow my instagram handle as 'zarithebosslady' and official Facebook 'Zarinah Tlale'
Thank you so much for the love. I know my fb family members are part of my instagram family. Much appreciated
Happy bday to my nana...
Happy women's day South Africa
Blessed day to all.... sending regards from my cold zone
May Allah have mercy on his servants during the Holy month of Ramadan....
Focus on becoming the woman you want to be. That can only be accomplished by bettering yourself each day.
Happy freedom day South Africa
Happy new month.... don't just tell people you love them, SHOW THEM #SaturdayVibes
Work towards stacking your paper
Whether it's degrees, diplomas or dollars. Go for what you want & don't let anyone shame or stop you. Have a blessed paper chasing week.
Blessed week to all. Hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays
Mummys' pumpkin
Family Vacay in Germany
I would be bad If I didn't leave this here on this very day 8th of march-International Women's Day. To all the women out there. Your a warrior worthy of everything you desire & dream of, but most of all to be loved by yourself. Every home, every heart, every feeling, every moment of happiness is incomplete without you. Only you can complete this world #WOMAN Happy women's day to all the...
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The Chibus earlier today at #BabyShop @Msasani_city_mall mall... thank you for dolling up my nana
Piga dakika kumi tu basi @VodacomTanzania itakupatia lisaa limoja la kupiga Voda kwenda Voda Bureeeeeeee.... tena kuna Baadhi ya mikoa watakuwa wakipata Masaa Mawili kabisa.... Vodacom Kazi ni Kwako!!!!! @VodacomTanzania #VodacomOngeaDeilee #VodacomKaziNiKwako #vtlrocks