A new age of Wellness based on the life-essential magnesium.
80% of all the people in the world is magnesium deficient, are you also magnesium deficient?
Do you prefer magnesium oil or magnesium flakes?
Pregnant? magnesium is most important for you and your baby
Our top Wellness ambasadors presenting themselves at the Dubai Beauty Show.

Are you sure that you use the real Zechstein Inside magnesium from the source in Veendam, Netherlands?
Tips to use magnesium. How do you use magnesium?
What do you do when you have leg cramps?
Which magnesium do you use? Magnesium Chloride?
Do you use magnesium after of before your workout?
Happy, healthy and magnesium rich new year to all of you!
The Zechstein source mapped with the unique magnesium salt pillow near Veendam! Thanks Alla
We wish you all a merry Christmas!
This is how the world looks 250 million years ago. As you can see the Zechstein Sea was at that time on the equator.
In what way do you daily take magnesium? By food? Oil spray? Or in an other way?
How do you use magnesiumoil?
Balancing your magnesium and calcium
Do you need magnesium? Or do you have enough?
Great Zechstein Experience at the "Sugar & Salt" exhibition in Groningen.
The making of our mini handmade cubicontainer