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How do you use magnesiumoil?
Balancing your magnesium and calcium
Do you need magnesium? Or do you have enough?
Great Zechstein Experience at the "Sugar & Salt" exhibition in Groningen.
The making of our mini handmade cubicontainer
A Magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient. So take enough!
What do you know about Magnesium?
A new picture of the Zechstein source
Magnesium has a lot of benefits. What is your experience with magnesium?
Magnesium Oil is an effective sports medicine. Do you use Magnesium after a workout?
Coming weekend Zechstein Minerals participate in a national art festival about sugar & salt. Our magnesium chloride experience is about feeling and all kind of shapes will be displayed. Hope it will inspire visitors to experience our products.
Experience a Zechstein Magnesium bath as a start.
Please let us know if you agree?

Rest and well-being – world’s largest survey - Durham University

Which magnesium chloride product do you prefer? Magnesium flakes, magnesium oil, magnesium gel or something else? Let us know!
A MUST HAVE, great booklets from Barbara Hendel
Did you know that the most pure and natural magnesium chloride in the world comes from Veendam, The Netherlands?
A nice serie with infographics about magnesium made by imagnesium.com. How do you use magnesium in your life?
Let us know your experience with magnesium oil
Magnesium is a mineral miracle. What are your miracle results from using magnesium?
A few benefits from using magnesium oil.
Magnesium: A key nutrient for health and disease prevention