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check out Cedella Marley son my nephew skips music video lions. from he was a little boy he always loved playing music go deh skip

Skip Marley - "Lions"

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Getting ready for African drum circle today at my kids school bringing some real roots to the black history month with brothers from #senegal about to summon the ancestral spirits
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4 year old HarLee Jean staying true to himself bless up the youth ! JAH #TrueToMyself
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oh JAH
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#ZIGGYMARLEY, The Recording Academy / GRAMMYs' "Best Reggae Album of 2016!
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Need some suggestions , I have a strong yearning to read something new I was looking in my collection and I'm a little bored right now. Any thoughts on books I should check out, fiction,non fiction whatever I just need something that will hold my interest so I'm reaching out to see if anyone has any ideas. #mymindishungry Thanks
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"I am a human, haven't I suffered for too long? Still the reasons for hope keep on holding on." #IAmAHuman

⬇ bit.ly/iamahuman_mp3
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02/19/2017 at 18:01. Facebook
Excited for Kaya Fest? bit.ly/kayafest2017
Pleased to announced that Ziggy will be performing at SunFest on May 5th in West Palm Beach, FL! bit.ly/ziggysunfest
Standing with Dr. Bronner's in their effort to legalize #hemp production across America. We must realize the potential of this plant for the benefit of our future on this planet.

PETITION: Let American Farmers Grow Hemp Once Again to Create Jobs and Rebuild the Rural Economy

Sending #love to sister Erin C this week's winner of our #marleyinmykitchen giveaway! Glad you are enjoying the book and our spiced lady juice turmeric is very good for the body strong antoxidant deh. I am sending a special gift your way to say thank you for supporting the works
"Music is a thing you do with meaning and with heart." #ziggymarleyquotes
@ajani2046 bread and I right now sit in @tuffgongworldwide office listening to some new tracks from this #legendary group @thewailingsouls bread and pipe are friends of the family from #trenchtown days check out their new single island girl streaming. In this great future you can't forget your past. Bob say dat!
In celebration of Ziggy's 8th #GRAMMY win this past weekend, we're taking 25% off our entire music catalog!
Head to bit.ly/ziggymerch & enter code "ZIGGYMUSIC" for the discount.
"There is no future to seek if we don't come together. LOVE is the chance that we take and the answer forever." #StartItUp #ZIGGYMARLEY smarturl.it/ziggymarley
I had to repost #commandante Tom Morello post. It's cowboys and Indians 2017 . Still the struggle goes on #standingrock
Ziggy takes the stage to accept his 8th Golden Gramophone:

"Music is a powerful tool. Music can change the world. And we must use that power wisely, and use it now, and spread a message through music that will benefit humankind. Thank you very much." #GRAMMYs #GRAMMYs2017 Recording Academy / GRAMMYs John Varvatos
Me and my fellow reggae nominees @devindidakta and @j.lofficial sharing the positive vibes of unity at the @grammysawards.