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[ZagTv] Byran Wigmore takes us to where we'd rather be... #GoPro
Zigzag Surfing Magazine
01/16/2017 at 13:40. Facebook
Save Our Seas!
Well said Manoa Robb.

Image By: Olivia Anderson Photography
Zigzag Surfing Magazine
01/16/2017 at 09:18. Facebook
[Monday Mind-Surf] Let this glassy Mozambique mirage get you through the Monday blues...

Image By: Greg Ewing
Zigzag Surfing Magazine
01/16/2017 at 08:02. Facebook
[ZagTv] See Full Clip HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]

Shane Sykes is one of South Africa's hottest surfers with his radical air game and powerful rail surfing. His new clip 'White Rain' is an amalgamation of A-grade footage from Mozambique, Durban and Cape Town. Hit play and be prepared to froth...

Edit By: Stevie Mic
Zigzag Surfing Magazine
01/12/2017 at 09:28. Facebook
[Sequence Of The Week] Sean Thompson snapped this sequence of Damien Fahrenfort coming out the barrel from behind the burn. But was it friendly or foul play?
See what Damien had to say in this week's Sequence Of The Week presented by Billabong.

Full Sequence HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]
Images By: Sean Thompson
Zigzag Surfing Magazine
01/11/2017 at 09:36. Facebook
[Hour Ago] Whilst some of us have been grovelling in some summer slush, a certain spot in the Western Cape has been going off the past few days...

Image By: Stuart Kelly / ShotBru
Zigzag Surfing Magazine
01/11/2017 at 07:42. Facebook
[ZagTv] The Chocolate Islands - A São Tomé Surf Clip

“Once again, surfing has taken me to a destination I could never have imagined myself going,” said Beyrick De Vries.

Take a trip with Monster and Zigzag and explore the dense jungle, rich culture and the homegrown surf scene of São Tomé. Watch as Beyrick De Vries, William Aliotti and John Micheletti get out of their comfort zone to explore...
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[Tuffy Clean Your Beach] And the winner of the December edition of the Tuffy Brands Clean Your Beach Contest is... Matthew Birkholtz!
The East London local put together an epic video of his Nahoon Beach clean up to win this month's Firewire!

There is still plenty of time to clean your beach and win! Firewire Surfboards South Africa have teamed up with Tuffy and will be handing out one...
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Slumtown Brother Bags Some Trash

[News] Young Jordy Maree is a star on the South African surf scene. And now he has made a name for himself on the international stage by coming 5th at the WSL World Junior Championships - without a sticker on his board. Yeew!

We caught up with Jordy to find out what was behind such a big result and what his plans are for the year...

Read More HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]
Image By: WSL / Surfer:...
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[Monday Mind-Surf] Slot into this Cape Town churner for your Monday mind-surf session...

See More Rad Empty Moments HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]
Image By: Sean Thompson
[Shot Bru] Relish in the splendours of summer with the Best Of Shot Bru December 2016 gallery. We compiled our favourite images taken by Shot Bru contributors from around the country. Farewell 2016! Thank you for the surprise swells and good times.

See Full Gallery HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]
Image By: Daniel Grebe / Surfer: James Elsworth
[Monday Mind Surf] Happy New Year! In 2017 may our barrels be deep, our petrol cheap and may we our secret spots keep.
Kick off the first Monday of the year with some good old fashioned mind-surfing.

More Rad Empty Moments HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]
Image By: Mark Harley
[Clean Your Beach] Now that your hearty Christmas lunch has settled, be sure to grab your bags and get cleaning to earn a chance to win this month's Firewire for the Tuffy Clean Your Beach Campaign!

Find Out More HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]

See Sarah Kennan's entry HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]

All We Want For Christmas Is A Clean Beach

[News] The 2017 Cell C Goodwave WSL Specialty surf contest invitees have been announced! And the list of 32 surfers is an exciting mix of seasoned chargers looking to relive the glory days and young guns looking to add a badge to their current campaign.

Find list of invitees HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]

Cell C Good Wave Invitees Announced

The 2016 Nazaré Challenge is ON and our very own Grant TWIG Baker (current Big Wave Tour rankings leader) is in the next heat! Go Twig!

Read More HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]

2016 Nazaré Challenge Called ON

After five months of competition in the Striped Horse Challenge in association with RVCA South Africa and Hurricane Surf, a winner of the R30 000 cash prize, a return ticket to Hawaii and boards plus accessories, has been decided. Check out the entries and go to [ Zigzag.co.za Link ] to see who clinched the big prize.
[Sequence Of The Week] Matt Bromley's epic 'Risky Business' movie has seen him chasing swell to the four corners of the earth, but Matt's favourite place is still an ice cold slice of paradise right at home.

Check out Matt's epic barrel to grab-rail cutback combo in this week's Sequence Of The Week presented by Billabong - [ Goo.gl Link ]
Images By: Sean Thompson
No nose? No problem!

Image By: Samuel Tomé
Surfer: Tom De Villers
[News] Team SA put on a spectacular performance at the Stance ISA World Adaptive Champs. JP Veaudry and Antony Smyth are bringing home the silverware and South Africa ended up in 6th place overall despite having a smaller team. These inspiring athletes did us proud!

Read More HERE - [ Goo.gl Link ]
Image By: ISA / Surfer: Anthony Smyth

Adaptive SA Team Bring Home Medals

Presented in an epic oversized format, Zigzag 41.1 is a celebration of African surf culture, the amalgamation of characters in our local line up and the simple science of being bound together by stoke.

On the cover of the Big Issue we have Jardel Félix, one of the groms we found ripping on his wooden 'tambua' during a visit to São Tomé.
Have a peep between the pages HERE - [ Goo.gl Link...
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