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24,000 square feet means extra room for everything (and everyone) you love. If you want to run wild in a home like this one, there's more luxury like it to explore right now on Zillow: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Just imagine the dance moves Ellen will break out when she sells this stunning Santa Barbara estate. Which of these spaces is your favorite? zlw.re/rfpi8968
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Which of these luxury listings is your favorite? Make your picks now to help select what wow-worthy estate wins the Mansion Madness title: zlw.re/pkqw4048
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Which feature in Chris Hardwick's kitchen would you most like to see in your own?
A. Glazed ceramic ceiling tiles
B. La Glaciere-style refrigerator
C. Walnut butcher block counters and center island

Watch his full home tour here: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Skip the coffee and try a cannonball into this pool instead for your jolt of morning energy. Talk about a wake up! See more from this luxury home: zlw.re/gyoi5940
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Ahoy there! Grab your captain's hat and get ready to make your pick: Which of these floating homes would you most like to call your own? See more: zlw.re/jfpi5936
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If you know someone in one of these metros who’s been thinking about selling their home, make sure they see this: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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What happens when a perfectionist builds a home? This: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Your eyes aren’t tricking you: This is how you get a floating home to its final destination!

Watch more: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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House goals: Any of these beauties.

If you’re curious what the priciest home in your state is, we have the answer: [ Zlw.re Link ]

See the Most Expensive Home for Sale in Every State - Zillow Porchlight

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Both homes are currently available in Chattanooga, TN. Which look do you prefer – A or B?
A) zlw.re/fsdg8357
B) zlw.re/rfwr7359
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If your Tupperware containers constantly tumble out of your kitchen cabinets or is jumbled in drawers, this #HomemadeHack is for you!
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Things you’ll find in Chris Hardwick’s house:
- A secret staircase
- Two mice with a Ouija board
- Vintage everything, from floor to ceiling
Watch the full video here: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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This tiny home is basically a treehouse without the tree! Welcome to life in a fire lookout.

Watch More: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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While no one knows who’s going to be taking home the golden statue for Best Picture this weekend, you can make your pick now for Best Kitchen right now!

These spaces are home to some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers. Find out who here: zlw.re/ylpu8239
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You don't have to live on a farm to bring the farmhouse look home. [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Which feature in this Colorado Springs, CO kitchen stands out to you most? [ Zlw.re Link ]

A) Blue center island
B) Exposed beams and brick ceiling
C) Distressed-finish paneled cabinets
D) Lantern pendant light fixture
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House of the Week: Everything about this home says “Provençal farmhouse” — from the repeating stone archways to the rustic wood-beamed ceilings and gracious courtyards. Take a full tour here: zlw.re/fpeg2579
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Forget fancy. Stick with simple, and then add a dash of love! [ Zlw.re Link ]