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Which feature in this Colorado Springs, CO kitchen stands out to you most? [ Zlw.re Link ]

A) Blue center island
B) Exposed beams and brick ceiling
C) Distressed-finish paneled cabinets
D) Lantern pendant light fixture
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House of the Week: Everything about this home says “Provençal farmhouse” — from the repeating stone archways to the rustic wood-beamed ceilings and gracious courtyards. Take a full tour here: zlw.re/fpeg2579
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Forget fancy. Stick with simple, and then add a dash of love! [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Looking for love this Valentine’s Day? These are the metros where you’ll have the best luck finding a special someone: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Both homes are currently available in Atlanta, GA. Which look do you prefer – the first or the second?
#1) zlw.re/jofb5397
#2) zlw.re/ogyu6729
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Pop quiz! You've seen these homes on screen, but can you remember where? Share your results in the comments below.

Quiz: Name These Movie and TV Homes - Zillow Porchlight

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If an all-white kitchen is on your wish list for 2017, here’s how to make sure it inspires wows: zlw.re/lnre3083
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What’s the perfect setting for your game day party?
A. Around an outdoor fireplace with the grill fired up zlw.re/sdgy4689
B. Playing pool in between touchdowns zlw.re/jtrf8317
C. Snacking on chips in a traditional living room zlw.re/yjfd9285
D. Relaxing in your home movie theater zlw.re/yrvw4937

To see more home entertainment spaces: zlw.re/hgje8352
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If you’re looking to surprise your significant other this Valentine’s Day, save this #HomemadeHack and get ready to watch their face light up when they come home on February 14th!
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Would a tiny home be right for you? Here’s how one couple decided to make the leap: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Turn a basic side table into your feline friend’s very own kitty corner.

Step by step instructions here: zlw.re/KittyCorner
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Which room in this seaside home is your favorite? [ Zlw.re Link ]

A) Living room
B) Kitchen
C) Bedroom
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Tackle one of these organization tips this weekend and feel like a million bucks come Monday. [ Zlw.re Link ]
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What do cork, bottle caps, and old CDs have in common? Builder Dan Phillips uses all 3 to build storybook homes! [ Zlw.re Link ]
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4 trends to work into your home this year and 3 trends to kiss goodbye: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Which of these bedrooms would you most like to call your own – A, B, or C?

A) [ Zlw.re Link ]
B) [ Zlw.re Link ]
C) [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Chris and Shauna converted an old grain silo into a home! Would you be able to live in 366 square feet? [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Which feature in this kitchen stands out to you most? [ Zlw.re Link ]

A) Bright blue cabinets
B) Elegant range hood
C) Chandeliers
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Brush up on your real estate knowledge with these fun facts from 2016: [ Zlw.re Link ]