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Do you belong in the Hamptons or the Hollywood Hills? Share your results in the comments below!
Do you belong in the Hamptons or the Hollywood Hills Share your

Quiz: Which Celeb Neighborhood Is the Best Match for You? - Zillow Porchlight

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Tag someone who’s obsessed with Legos - they’re going to want to see this room! [ Zlw.re Link ]
Bruce Treske
Tina Mckimson
Kimberly Lucas
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Big life changes equal big life moves. Here are a few tips if you’re selling a home for the first time: [ Zlw.re Link ]
Carroll Dowling
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Both homes are available in Nashville, TN. Which do you prefer -- A or B?

A) [ Zlw.re Link ]
B) [ Zlw.re Link ]
Vikki Gutierrez Isaacson
Jeff Warner
Amy Grasser Schultz
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Ken Cochran
James Moore
Saul Chavira
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House goals: Any of these beauties.

If you’re curious what the priciest home in your state is, we have the answer: [ Zlw.re Link ]
House goals Any of these beauties If youre curious what the priciest
William Scully
Brad Ranson
Janet Elaine Kirby
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Which feature in this Dallas kitchen stands out to you the most?
A) Marble backsplash
B) Cage pendant lights
C) Center island with seating

See more: [ Zlw.re Link ]
Which feature in this Dallas kitchen stands out to you the most
Betty Nickell Davis
Terrie Cooper
Babs Graham
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You’ve probably seen this home floating around on Facebook, but Zillow tracked down the agent for the inside scoop!
Youve probably seen this home floating around on Facebook but Zillow tracked

Even We Are Intrigued by This Viral Zillow Home Listing - Zillow Porchlight

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Dale Cooper
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Home shoppers: Here’s everything you need to know about buying a home in 2017.
Brandy Schofield
Matthew Miller
Karrie Doria-Medina
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Calling all home buyers: RSVP now for Zillow’s Facebook Live broadcast Tuesday, May 9th at 10 a.m. PDT covering some surprising tips to help make 2017 the year you buy a house. [ Facebook.com Link ]
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If you’re buying a home this year, you don’t want to miss this. Join Zillow for a Live broadcast Tuesday, 5/9 at 10am PDT (facebook.com/Zillow).

Zillow's Chief Marketing Officer will be sharing his top tips for buyers in 2017. We'll be answering your questions in real time, so make sure to mark your calendar and join the conversation!

A few topics we’ll discuss:
- How to stand out in a...
View details ⇨
If youre buying a home this year you dont want to miss

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Home in 2017

EVENT - facebook.com
Jayne Deaux
Jayne Deaux
Jayne Deaux
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Calling all home shoppers! RSVP now for Zillow’s Facebook Live broadcast covering some surprising tips to help make 2017 the year you buy a house: [ Zlw.re Link ]
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Both homes are currently available in Richmond, VA. Which look do you prefer -- A or B?
A) zlw.re/lpre5962
B) zlw.re/hjer9421
Denise Pellecchia
Tom Nolan
Shannon Hawkins
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24,000 square feet means extra room for everything (and everyone) you love. If you want to run wild in a home like this one, there's more luxury like it to explore right now on Zillow: [ Zlw.re Link ]
Deep Thi
Annie Frederick
Pamela Borger
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There's something extra special about this tiny house: It's actually a working school bus! Because for some people, home is where you park it.

See more of this school bus turned tiny home: [ Zlw.re Link ]
Theres something extra special about this tiny house Its actually a working
Mike Ward
Wendy Campbell
Brooke Lynn
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Get the look: A subtle beach house at its best.

Because you don't need to live by the ocean to design your home with a nod to the nautical.

See more: zlw.re/jeyt8503
Kelley Phillips Chitwood
Lisa Miller Xenakis
Tammy Tinsley
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What’s your favorite feature in this Mountain Village, CO living room? [ Zlw.re Link ]
A) Vaulted ceiling
B) Rustic chandelier
C) Picture windows
What’s your favorite feature in this Mountain Village CO living room
Loretta Murphy
Leslie Rizzo
Rebecca L. Ackmann Williams
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Actress and model Jaime King will be the first person to tell you that as your family grows, your house changes. But not always in ways you might expect…

Watch now: [ Zlw.re Link ]
Christopher George
Laura Munkres
Branded Entertainment Network
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Sometimes finding home means a fresh start, being closer to family, and star gazing. Because you’re not just looking for a house. You’re looking for a place for your life to happen. Zillow helps you find it. [ Zillow.com Link ]
Robert Winter
Bryan Wright
John Harding
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Before it hits the airwaves, take a sneak peek at Zillow’s new commercial. Because sometimes finding home means embracing the future while keeping the past almost close enough to touch.
Pam Burton
Ellen Renee Johnson
Lisa Leighton