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Q: Today, on New Year’s Eve, you finish 2016 with a match against Premier League newcomer Middlesbrough. What do you think of the match?

Zlatan: A match we must win to keep up with the top of the table.

Q: In the last match, you made your 50th goal this year equalizing your scoring record from 2012. What do you think of the opportunity to make 2016 the best year in your career...
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Q: First of all, Merry Christmas! How have you celebrated the holiday?

Zlatan: Been taking it easy with the family.

Q: What was the most appreciated gift under the Christmas tree this year?

Zlatan: Love.

Q: Today, you and your Manchester United are facing Sunderland, a team fighting to stay in the Premier League. What do you think of the match?

Zlatan: It’s going to be a tough match...
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Q: Today, you play against West Bromwich who has had a strong season putting them in seventh place, one step behind your United. What do you think of the match and your opponent?

Zlatan: I will just as difficult as the last time.

Q: What do you think of the match in the match between you and the other great southern Swede, Jonas Olsson in the West Bromwich defense?

Zlatan: It will be fun...
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Q: Tonight, you face Crystal Palace away at Selhurst Park. There is only three days between matches, so how is Zlatan prior to the match and how do find time for recovery?

Zlatan: The whole team have had a good recovery.

Q: Crystal Palace is in 15th place in the league, and in theory they shouldn’t be a problem for Man Utd. What is the key to not walk out on the pitch with that attitude and...
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Q: A few days after the strenuous match against Zorya it’s time for Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs is in fifth place in the PL standings, one place and six points ahead of your United. What do you think of the match and your form?

Zlatan: We're in good shape, but it will be a difficult match.

Q: With a loss against Tottenham you will have nine points up to fifth place, and at least thirteen points...
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Q: In a freezing Zorya, Ukraine you are supposed to play the last and deciding group match. What do you think of Zorya Luhansk and the upcoming match?

Zlatan: We must win to go through.

Q: Timothy Fosu-Mensah, the squads youngest player, is aiming high and off course he brought “I am Zlatan” to read on the plane to the Ukraine. What do you think of your role as role model and mentor to the...
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Q: After your last match, the impressive cup win against West Ham, it’s time to take on eighth placed Everton. What do you think of the match?

Zlatan: It’s a difficult match like all others.

Q: You scored two goals and gave an impressive performance against West Ham. If you compare your form today to last year’s record season in PSG, how good are you now?

Zlatan: It feels just as good...
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Q: After the last meeting between the teams it’s time to once again to face West Ham at Old Trafford. What do you think of the match, and the fact that you meet twice in such a short time?

Zlatan: Quite alright, we know them better now.

Q: A win and you’re in the League Cup semifinal with the Cup just two matches away. What do you think of your chances to win the cup, and how would you...
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Q: Today you face West Ham, the London team who’s start to the season haven’t turned out as expected. What do you think of the match?

Zlatan: A good opponent that we will meet
twice in less than four days.

Q: In the last match you won impressively against Feyenoord 4-0. What do you bring from that match?

Zlatan: The stability.

Q: After the match, you said that you weren’t pleased with...
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