A How-To Guide from Fletch, Vaughan & Megan: Kissing 101
Soooo it turns out that Fletch actually has something in common with Aarron the supermarket angel?!
In a harmless tomato chat this morning, we made a shocking discovery about Fletch... #waitwhat
Help me I'm poor!

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Had a blast at Teviot Valley's Cherry Chaos at the weekend. These are our before and after shots from the Cherry Chaos obstacle course (not a chainsaw based massacre). Megan judged the cakes, pies & preserves. We ran, swam, climbed & slid through cherries, all while cherries were hurled at us and by us... No edible cherries were harmed in the making of these photos... They had already been...
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"Now pour Dad a pinot and bring it in please!"
When you're risking the loo without supplies, there are some things you can get away with.

This is not one of them
August is just doin' what we all wanna do at a trampoline park ☝☝☝
So Vaughan's license expired and Fletch offered to pay on one condition. This is the aftermath...
19 / 01 / 2017 - Somewhat late to the party, Vaughan realises he's actually an adult
#TBT When Vaughan confessed his side career - being Ben Barrington's full time stunt man
So Vaughano actually went though with it check out the beeeeeeautiful before & after on our Snap Story now FVMZM
"The pilot falls from the hand glider, and Greg is taking off on his own"

Tracey, this is the LAST time you're on present-buying duty...
When you can't have a son juuuuust in case he out-lads you
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When you don't quite know what's going on but you still wanna contribute #Caityweloveyouanyway
"Babe, I PROMISE I had a shower afterwards" - Yeah riiiiiiiighto champ #tooearlyforthisshit
When your parents love your partner way more than you #HEISNTEVENBLOOD
Possibly the last person you want to see you having a good 'ol clean... down there
Does Ali die!?! We asked Grace and Tane ahead of the biiiiig Shortland Street cliffhanger tonight