Vaughan took Indie out for a 8.5km bike ride yesterday (so advanced), and took a break to teach her a valuable life lesson... Probably one she can't share at school though
Thanks so much to friend of the show Kate Godfrey for whipping up this amazing graph of the Food Fight Competition! Also a timely reminder we are at Frankton McDonald's in Hamilton today at 12 giving away $2000 worth of Cheeseburgers (was $1000, but Debs the manager said she'll match the $1000 so it's $2000 now) so cooooooome on down... [ Link ]
Adele currently having bug issues on stage
If you don't have a cake disaster, sh*t yourself and have one of your guests die of allergies the sec you stroll in, is it even a good birthday!?

This morning Megan shared both of her proposal stories on air #TheWeirdRomanticChat
We're aaaaaall about important facts, news and serious investigations on this show #VaughanPlsStopTheNippleChat
Well the McDonald's Cheeseburger has been crowned the 2017 Food Fight Champion! We are celebrating by blowing $1000 of show budget on shouting as many people Cheeseburgers as we can. Come on down to Frankton McDonald's in Hamilton & get yours. One Standard Un-Modified Cheeseburger per person (Take off your own pickle, add your own mayo)

FVM 2017 Food Fight Champion Celebration

The cheeseburgers are on us tomorrow at McDonald's, Frankton, Hamilton on Greenwood Street at 12pm
Karen's first birthday party!
"The window of honesty... Anyone can tell a drug story on the radio in the next 30 seconds and not get in trouble!"

Vaughan, preeeeetty sure that's not how it works
Voting closes at 7.50am tomorrow morning so if you haven't got everyone you to know to vote, do you really care that much about your favourite??
For months Megan's been shredding for the wedding and being SUUUPER healthy...

So what happens when a sh*tload of nuggies get delivered to work?
THIS IS IT. After weeks of deliberation which have involved blood, sweat and tears - we are left with these heavyweights...
"You're gonna retire to the bedroom and choke the dolphin!"

Will ANYONE have tacos with Fletch for Taco Tuesday?!
Is this the best comment on a Food Fight yet!? Tomorrow the finale kicks off!!
Awww Producer Caitlin, always there and ready when her besties become single again #TheRealMVP