We asked Married at First Sight's Nick & Sharon to dish what they hate about each other, and Shaz got preeeetty personal

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Do you know what it is? Your next chance to guess ZM's Secret Sound is with us tomorrow at 7! Currently sitting at $45 000! #IfOnlySomeoneWouldGuessHolePunch ????????????
Tomorrow on the show Married At First Sight's Nick and Sharon join us at 8 to talk aaaaall the drama! #VaughanSmithGetsTheScoop #1Fan
The cutest thing you'll see this week
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When you fart and call on the squad to cover for you
If you're going out tonight, don't forget to dance like no one's watching x
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Is there a better way to start the weekend?! This just in from Si - Megan's dream of getting a reply to her childhood What Now fan mail has finally come true
These Secret Sound guesses are so good

#Holepunch bit.ly/2kBePKR

Has Vaughan committed a fashion crime with this chocolate brown suit?
Lisa shared this amazing story this morning. She's a single mum and with it being her first date in a while, she put the special lingerie on. From there, things got reeeal HONEST
20 years ago, Megan wrote the cuuutest fan mail to What Now's Simon Barnett and last week on the show, we realised she's still been waiting for that reply.

Today, that dream finally came true #ThatReactionThough
What should Amanda do? ????
Heeeeeaps of rumours flying round that MKR's Pete and Manu don't like each other. Like the relationship counsellors we are, we got to the bottom of it!
Vaughan instigated the fart of an important woman yesterday by engaging in a handshake. Buuuuut she did not react how she should have
Frustration. Despair. Resentment.

All words used to describe a young Megan when Simon Barnett didn't reply to her What Now fan mail.

20 years later, we want to rectify it #SimonPlsReply