02/12/2017. Facebook
Read about the new Hummingbad malware found in over 20 apps on Google Play, and learn how you can protect yourself from it!

A Whale of a Tale: HummingBad Returns | Check Point Blog
02/09/2017. Facebook
Don't be too quick to trust a social media account that claims itself to be customer support. Always be careful before inputting personal information to be sure you're protected against phishing scams!

Social Media Phishing Attacks Soar 500%
01/25/2017. Facebook
Be careful of the latest Google phishing attack! Think twice before clicking on an attachment that redirects you to a Google login page!

Watch Out for This Frighteningly Effective Gmail Scam
01/22/2017. Facebook
Be careful not to automatically trust a 'security email' that you might receive to your inbox!

This fake security email tries to make your PC part of a botnet | ZDNet
01/19/2017. Facebook
Take a look at the evolution of ransomware. The best thing to do is back up your files so you won't need to pay at all!

Spora Ransomware Offers Victims Unique Payment Options
01/18/2017. Facebook
Be careful you don't fall into the trap of using the worst passwords of 2016!

The worst passwords of 2016 are as lazy as ever | ZDNet
01/15/2017. Facebook
Be careful while on Netflix! Learn more how you can avoid phishing scams like these ones.

Netflix Phishing Campaign Targeted User Information, Credit Card Data
01/11/2017. Facebook
Check out our most recent blog post on how you can protect yourself from cyber criminals hacking into your webcams!

Is Your Webcam Spying on You? How to Protect Yourself
01/04/2017. Facebook
Don't be one of the 15 million Americans per year that fall victim to identity theft. Learn more how you can protect yourself now!

6 Tips to Protect You From Being a Victim of Identity Theft
01/02/2017. Facebook
Protect yourself on future flights from being an easy target to hackers. Get tips from this article by The Parallax

Your next flight itinerary could be easily hacked - The Parallax
12/27/2016. Facebook
With the new year right around the corner, learn about all the new and innovative cyber threats coming to 2017. Read our most recent blog posts to learn how you can protect yourself!

5 Cyber Security Threats you must be Aware of in 2017
12/26/2016. Facebook
Learn more about #Gooligan, the LARGEST Google Breach ever!
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Check out our most recent blog post on how to ensure that your travels this holiday season are cyber safe! [ Link ]

Stay Cyber Safe While Traveling this Holiday Season
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Beware of phishing attempts if you're a Yahoo user. Learn more about how to protect your account from being breached, and how to avoid phishing scams!

If You're a Yahoo User - Beware of Phishing Attempts!
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Watch out for this Popcorn Time Ransomware!

Popcorn Time Ransomware Urges Victims to Infect Others
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Have you started shopping online for the holidays yet? Check out our most recent blog post to learn how to shop safely while protecting your online privacy at the same time!

Protect Your Identity and Shop Safely for the Holidays
08/11/2016. Facebook
12/08/2016. Facebook
Read more about this Mashable article which suggests that hackers can guess your credit card information in just 6 seconds. It's important to continuously monitor your bank transactions to ensure your card is not being compromised.

Study: Hackers can get your credit card info in 6 seconds just by guessing it
10/20/2016. Facebook
ZoneAlarm 2017 is here! Better performance, ultimate protection and enhanced with a new anti-phishing feature!
12/01/2016. Facebook
If you have an Android device or a Gmail account, learn more about how to keep your identity and device secure from hackers! Learn more about #Gooligan in our most recent blog post:

The Largest Google Account Breach Ever - Gooligan