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We think you’re pretty awesome, too, Benson!
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Want to be part of the 2017 Youth Volunteer Class at Zoo Knoxville? The deadline to apply is February 28th

Youth age 13-17 that want to apply must turn in:

● Youth Volunteer Application
● TWO (2) Signed letters of recommendation from an adult
(NOT from a relative)
● 250-500 WORD ESSAY on why you wish to be a
Zoo volunteer.
● $25 Application Fee

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It is impossible to be unhappy when in the company of Georgie white-handed gibbon. #needmoregeorgie
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Circle of Friends - Tiger's Eye View event Thursday, February 16, 2017.
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Night falls on the Shieh Family Pagoda at the conclusion of the Tiger's Eye View event for Circle of Friends members at Zoo Knoxville
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Take a look - Circle of Friends Tigers Eye View event
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Take a look - Circle of Friends Tigers Eye View event
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It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the death of Debbie chimpanzee, a beloved member of our zoo family for more than 40 years.

Debbie had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and renal failure. Her health deteriorated quickly over the last few days. She was in a great deal of discomfort due to her advancing disease, refusing food, drink and pain medication. Despite...
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Valentine's Day 2017 reunited! - Peach and Dill have just completed their 30 day separation period to see if absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

This is the story of two armadillos who met by chance and tunneled their way into each other's hearts.

Dill, is a male armadillo who braved the lonely trek from Buffalo to Knoxville, leaving the only family he ever knew, in hopes of...
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Meet our Valentine! - See Ruby in action, the Yellow-backed duiker, born 6 weeks ago to mother Pixie Stix.
Meet our Valentine! – Zoo Knoxville is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new jewel, an adorable yellow-backed duiker (pronounced DIE-kur) calf, whose name “Ruby” was inspired by the tuft of red hair on top of her head. The 6 ½ week-old female was born on December 30, 2016, to mother Pixie Stix.
Arya is becoming more and more at home each day. In a nod to her new home, keepers created a “forest” in her outdoor run with evergreen trees that she’s enjoying very much.
Arya is becoming more and more at home each day. She is currently well-settled in her temporary quarters and is scheduled to move to Tiger Forest at the end of February to complete her quarantine. Tiger curator Petty Grieve takes us behind-the-scenes for one of her training sessions, which keepers do for a daily visual exam to make sure she is in good physical health. As you can see, she’s...
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Come on out to Zoo Knoxville this morning for Story time at 10:30 am in the Log Cabin. Hear some interesting tales about animals, and maybe you will even get to meet one of our animal ambassadors.
WBIR 10News traffic reporter Ed Rupp will ride a Zoo Knoxville camel on Wednesday's edition of Live at Five at Four.

WBIR traffic reporter to ride Zoo Knoxville camel for Hump Day

Join us for story time this morning at 10:30 in the log cabin
Mammals Curator Terry Cannon and our beloved Samson featured in this WVLT story

February means love for skunks too

Sculpting a home for tigers. Go behind the scenes with Cemrock to see how they create a masterpiece that is perfect for our Malayan tigers to call home.