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This is a story 30,000 years in the making, of a tiny fairy-like animal called the Leadbeater’s Possum. It’s a tale of bushfires, forests and old trees. At the heart of this story is a man who has devoted his life to ensuring that these creatures don’t disappear from Australia’s storybook forever.

Read more here:
[ Zoo.org.au Link ]
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Make sure you get to the Flooded Forest aviary on your next visit to Healesville Sanctuary and say hi to our very beautiful pair of Rose-crowned Fruit Doves.

Check out what else you can see at Healesville Sanctuary: [ Zoo.org.au Link ]
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Ever wondered what the African Wild Dogs are really like? This species shares many personality traits with the common canine. Here's a run down on our African Wild Dogs at Melbourne Zoo:

Samawhati (with the half tail) – bold, the first to approach Keepers and investigate new areas/items, the bravest with training, and great friends with all the other dogs;
Saba (one floppy ear) – next...
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Got sensitive gums? You're not alone – hippos have sensitive gums too!

The hippos at Werribee Open Range Zoo love having water sprayed onto their mouths – it’s a bit like a hippo version of a massage! All the more reason why we are happy that Dental Health Services Victoria are supporting our hippos.

Learn more about these amazing animals at our new hippo presentation at Werribee Open Range...
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We are very lucky to see lots of happy faces across our three Zoos! (animals and people alike!)

That's why we are super excited to celebrate International Day of Happiness and spread some happy cheer on a Monday afternoon!

Here is Albus our Guardian Dog program ambassador showing us his best grin - share the happiness this week and come along for a Zoo day - you can buy your tickets here: [...
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Possums making electric blankets? Here is night vision footage of a Leadbeater's Possum stripping bark.

They use their teeth to pull off long ribbons of bark which they then grab with their front paws, pass to their back paws and then hold with their tail. They have intricately woven nests within tree hollows which they use to thermoregulate.

Nests are tightly woven and thick in winter and...
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Say Hello to our Rhinoceros Iguana!

With their horny heads and their spines located on their back, together it helps to protect them from attackers.

You can spot these guys at Melbourne Zoo - why not pay them a visit? [ Zoo.org.au Link ]
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Our Keepers really love their job - and why wouldn't they? Working with primates all day can be tough work, but great fun too. These four Keepers took a moment to snap a selfie with some of the bachelor group on Lemur Island at Melbourne Zoo. Seen left to right are Keepers Jess, Bali, Harna and Fiona. You can get close to the lemurs too! Book a Close-up Encounter here [ Zoo.org.au Link ]
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A very big happy birthday to this beautiful boy, Southern White Rhino Kapamba.

Kapamba will mark his 21st birthday at Werribee Open Range Zoo today on 18 March – here’s to a birthday filled with lots of lovely mud to wallow in!

Rhinos are in serious trouble in the wild, but there’s some work being done to save this species – check out our wonderful partners at Rhino Fund Uganda [ Zoo.org.au...
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Have you seen the weather forecast for this weekend? Melbourne is on a roll with these beautiful Autumn sunny days!

Spend the day outside - enjoy an African Safari, have a picnic in a Sanctuary haven, or wonder at animals from across the globe! Werribee Open Range Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Melbourne Zoo are all open from 9 - 5pm today and tomorrow.

Remember kids are FREE every weekend!...
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It's our beautiful lioness Nilo's 5th birthday! Isn't she majestic?

A devoted Mum to the eldest "toddler" cubs Kubwa, Kito and Kashka, Nilo is proving to be equally as doting to her nieces and nephews, the four baby lion cubs Kibibi, Aziza, Zuberi and Ndidi.

Be sure to wish Nilo a purrrrfectly happy birthday when you visit the Zoo over the weekend!

Snap up your tickets online (kids are...
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Our latest members Zoovie night has just been scheduled, showing the heart-warming new family film Sing, at Melbourne Zoo!

Round up the family, pack a rug and find a spot under the stars as you enjoy a unique movie experience!

If you’re not a Zoos Victoria Member, but would like to come to the event, you can become a member for just $8 a month:
[ Zoo.org.au Link ]

Member Zoovie Night: Sing

EVENT - facebook.com
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Mulana the Tassie Devil turned 4 yesterday!
Mulana was born at Healesville Sanctuary and was hand raised by Keeper Monica.

Mulana is an ambassador animal for Tasmanian Devils and can be seen at the daily Keeper Talk at 11:30am - come and say hello and hopefully see Mulana show off her impressive yawn!

Book your ticket to see Mulana today via
Stalking practice starts early when you're a lion cub.

Already Nairibi’s young cubs are mimicking the adults, stalking and pouncing in play as they wrestle with one another.

Come and visit them at Werribee Open Range Zoo, check for the latest viewing details.

Photo: Cormac Hanrahan
Competition time!

We have 20 double passes to giveaway to Sony Pictures Vietnam Aus' latest documentary, The Eagle Huntress. This beautiful and uplifting true story follows the story of 13 year old Aisholpan as she trains to hunt with a majestic Golden eagle.

Our very own Wedge-tailed Eagle Jess, is part of the spectacular Spirits of the Sky presentation held at Healesville Sanctuary, twice...
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Have you noticed there's been a baby boom lately at Werribee Open Range Zoo?

From Carrie the baby Blackbuck, to Tuari the Bison calf, as well as Scimitar-horned Oryx calf Chad and young Waterbuck Acacia, they are all exploring their new home and making lots of our visitors smile with their utter cute-ness! And did we mention the four baby lion cubs...?

Buy your tickets online today via -...
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Happy Birthday Kanzi!

Kanzi is the little girl of the Gorilla family at Melbourne Zoo and is a typical two year old who loves exploring and enjoys receiving treats.

The white spot on her rear is essentially a primate P-plate, which means she can get away with a little bit of cheekiness!

When this spot fades to black in a year or so, she will need to mind her manners and start thinking...
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School holidays aren't far away and we have the perfect teen program!

Join the Werribee Open Range Zoo or Healesville Sanctuary zoo crew and Be a Keeper for a Day. Perfect for teens aged 13-18, the full day is gives them a taste of what it’s like to work in a zoo, make new friends and get some hands on experience. Hurry! Strictly limited places are available!

Book your place at Werribee: [...
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This could be you today: watching the Black handed spider monkeys whilst listening to the exotic calls of the other treetop monkeys and apes at Melbourne Zoo!

Melbourne Zoo is open today (Labour Day public holiday) until 5pm!

Plan your visit and pre-purchase tickets at zoo.org.au/melbourne
What are your plans for today's Labour Day public holiday?

Our four Lion cubs at Werribee Open Range Zoo are most likely to be busy enjoying their jungle gym.

Werribee Open Range Zoo is open today from 9am to 5pm AND your lil' cubs (kids) get in free too!

Plan your visit and pre-purchase tickets online at zoo.org.au/werribee