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Looking for something truly special this Valentine's?

Treat your loved one to an unforgettable experience with an overnight stay at the Zoo! Enjoy exclusive after-hours tours, a two-course dinner with champagne, beautiful accommodation and more with our special Valentine's dates between 13-15 February.

Gir Lion Lodge

ZSL London Zoo
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Do your children dream of working with animals?

Discover what it's like to be a part of the Zoo's incredible veterinary team as we host a special week of interactive fun this February half-term.

Vets in Action

ZSL London Zoo
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Happy Penguin Awareness Day!
ZSL London Zoo
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Our adorable narrow-striped mongoose baby is sure to brighten #BlueMonday!
No lie in for Jae Jae this morning! Happy #Caturday
One of the Zoo’s most famous structures was designed by Lord Snowdon himself and today we're saddened by the news that he has passed away.

Ralph Armond, Director General at ZSL, said: “Lord Snowdon will be sadly missed. He created a truly unique piece of architecture for ZSL London Zoo. He was inspired by the graceful movements of flying birds and conceived a pioneering aviary that looks...
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ZSL pays tribute to Lord Snowdon

Join us LIVE as keeper Amy tells us all about our vicunas!
Ever wondered what happened on this day at the Zoo in 1828? Well, now you can find out as volumes of the Zoo's fascinating daily occurrences have been made available to view online for the very first time.

From animal births to special visitors, the daily records contain an amazing breadth of information that zoologists and historians alike have been using as an amazing resource.

ZSL Daily Occurrences

Meet the 'Skywalker' hoolock gibbon, a new species discovered in the rainforests of China.

A team of scientists, led by Fan Peng-Fei from Sun Yat-sen University and including ZSL's Dr Samuel Turvey, used the force (and a comprehensive scientific study of gibbon genetics) to determine that the Skywalker is in fact a completely distinct species of gibbon.

It was named Skywalker because the...
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Fancy taking on a new challenge in 2017? Why not put yourself to the test with the ZSL Stampede.

Enjoy a 5k or 10k running route through the Zoo and Regent's Park all while raising money for precious wildlife around the world!

ZSL Stampede

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Did you know that all clownfish are born male? The dominant male will change sex when the female of the school dies.
Brand new for 2017, why not take on our Zoo to Zoo bike ride between London and Whipsnade!

The wildest bike ride in the south east will see cyclists pushing their pedals for wildlife on Sunday the 2nd of July. The long-distance route will take in three counties along the journey, with cityscapes and countryside vistas to admire along the way.

ZSL Zoo to Zoo Bike Ride

Happy #Friday!
Is your New Year's resolution to help wildlife in 2017? We've got 7 great tips to get you started, from ditching single-use plastic water bottles to encouraging biodiversity in your own back garden.

7 ways to help us keep wildlife in the world

Guaranteed to be the cutest thing you'll watch all day...
Zookeepers were ready with their clipboards, calculators and cameras this morning as they welcomed in 2017 with the Zoo’s annual stocktake!
Keepers are set for a busy start to 2017 after taking on the challenging task of counting every creature at the Zoo for our annual stocktake!

From Sumatran tiger cubs to partula snails, our dedicated keepers will spend the rest of the week counting all 712 species before inputting the information into a worldwide database called Species360: [ Zsl.org Link ]
Get 2017 off to a great start by signing up to one of ZSL's Stampedes around the Zoo and Regent's Park!

ZSL London Zoo Stampede

As 2016 draws to a close, take a look back at some of the amazing babies that have been born this year...