ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
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Wishing our beautiful reticulated giraffe Nuru a very happy 1st birthday!
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
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Most people have never seen a mara before but these adorable creatures are impossible not to spot roaming freely across the zoo. They're often confused for deer but are actually in the same family as guinea pigs and the capybara.
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
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Crocodiles have the strongest bite of any animal in the world! See the smallest of its species at the zoo for yourself and say hello to our three baby African dwarf crocodiles and their parents.
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
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Stunning photographs from the ZSL Animal Photography Prize are now on display, supported by Lumix UK. Check them out on your next visit to the Zoo!
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ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
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Fancy sleeping over at the Zoo?

Lookout Lodge is opening its doors for 2017 this March, giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the Zoo in a whole new light!

Lookout Lodge

Brand new for 2017! ZSL Whipsnade Zoo we'll be hosting it's first ever sponsored walk about.

Starting at the Zoo, the walk follows the Icknield Way Trail towards Dunstable Downs and the Chilterns Gateway Centre, taking in picturesque views around Kensworth Quarry before heading back down and around to the finish.

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ZSL Whipsnade Walk

Looking for a flipperingly good time this half-term? Join us and our amazing animals for a day you won't forget.

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Discover what it's like to care for some of the world's most endangered animals with our special half-term event Vets in Action!

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Not only are they bright and beautiful, they also have some of the most mesmerising courtship behaviours in the animal kingdom. Happy #Valentine's Day!
The animal kingdom can be a weird and wonderful place at the best of times and there's no exceptions when it comes to romance. Happy #Valentine's Day!
Delve into the animal kingdom this #Valentine's and learn about the relationship of our African dwarf crocodiles!
Did you know that ring-tailed lemur males have stink fights to win a mate? Ahead of Valentine's Day delve into the fascinating love lives of 10 amorous animals:

Valentine's Day in the Animal Kingdom

By coming to see our amazing animals you're supporting conservation work in more than 50 countries! Book today.

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Calling all child vets! Discover what life is like for the vets at the UK’s largest Zoo this half term!
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Vets in Action

#DidYouKnow there’s approximately 20,000 species of butterfly in the world today?! Come and meet a few of them in our Butterfly House this half-term.
#TBT to when we had adorable #ostrich chicks! Did you know they have the largest eyes of any land animal? Five times bigger than humans!
It's been a bear-illiant day for our sloth bears as they tucked into honey-filled enrichment balls created using a 3D printer! Pupils from Aberdour School in Surrey donated the 'honeycomb' style feedballs that were designed to replicate their natural feeding environment out in the wild!
Did you know that an oriental short-clawed otter's tail makes up one third of its total body length?

Why not pay our otter family a visit this February half term!
Can you guess the species of butterfly this caterpillar morphs into? This brilliant up close shot was captured by trainee keeper Tyrone.