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Adapted to freezing cold climates, did you know that a wolverine's fur is resistant to frost?
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It might be a little colder than they're used to but our animals have certainly been enjoying the #snow!
Meet the 'Skywalker' hoolock gibbon, a new species discovered in the rainforests of China.

A team of scientists, led by Fan Peng-Fei from Sun Yat-sen University and including ZSL's Dr Samuel Turvey, used the force (and a comprehensive scientific study of gibbon genetics) to determine that the Skywalker is in fact a completely distinct species of gibbon.

It was named Skywalker because the...
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Watch as our Asian elephants, Californian sea lions and ring-tailed lemurs take part in 2017's stocktake.
Home to more than 3,000 animals, including more than 200 different species, keepers at the UK’s largest zoo began to make a headcount of each and every invertebrate, bird, fish, mammal, reptile and amphibian for the annual stocktake: [ Zsl.org Link ]
Plans for Sunday include the following...
We're calling on cyclists of all abilities to pump up their tyres and sign up for our brand new Zoo to Zoo Bike Ride on Sunday the 2nd of July 2017.

The wildest bike ride in the south east will see cyclists pushing their pedals for wildlife with a long-distance route through three counties, taking in cityscapes and countryside vistas.

ZSL Zoo to Zoo Bike Ride

Are you a school teacher in search of a fascinating day out for your students?

At ZSL Whipsnade Zoo you can choose from a catalogue of 36 completely interactive learning sessions, where students can explore every aspect of the animal world – from colour and camouflage to Zoo breeding and field conservation.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo: The perfect education destination for 2017

Looking for ways to help wildlife in 2017? From reducing your waste to encouraging biodiversity in your own garden, we've got 7 tips to get you started.

7 ways to help us keep wildlife in the world

Going back to work isn't so bad when you can enjoy views like this...
With 2017 round the corner, take a look back at some of the adorable babies from 2016...
Did you know the Zoo is home to a stunning native species called the red kite?

Having made a comeback in recent years following successful reintroduction programmes in England and Scotland, you can see this elegant bird soaring in the skies over Whipsnade.
Happy Christmas from everyone at the Zoo!

We're open again tomorrow so why not enjoy a wild day out with us this holiday season.
We'll never tire of this beautiful view of the Dunstable Downs...
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The world’s tallest land mammal was recently classified as β€˜vulnerable’ to extinction on the IUCN's Red List following a staggering population decline of up to 40% in just 30 years.

Learn more about the news and what can be done to help this beautiful species: [ Zsl.org Link ]
Christmas arrived early for our pair of lucky bears today as they got their very own festive tree laden with delicious decorations!

Visit the Zoo this Christmas and help prepare festive treats for the animals at an Elves’ workshop and attend fascinating keeper talks.

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