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Hello! What are you looking forward to this week ? Meghan Hector has feel good music for you on #TimeOut
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Precious moments with Clarence Ford on #MeTime this evening. Where are you enjoying the music tonight? #iHeartSundays
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Tech fact: found within the original Macintosh case are the 47 signatures of each member of Apple’s Macintosh division as of 1982.
Here are the #DrawResults & #Payouts for (22/01/17):

#PICK3: 4, 7, 8

Congratulations to all the #winners!
The #PowerBallPLUS jackpot is estimated at R14.1 Million for Tuesday (24/01/17)!

#PhandaPushaPlay NOW [ Bit.ly Link ]
That Guy With Glasses
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"The rarity of ones youth that dissipates all too soon, is what makes us hunger for it more."

Check out the full set at [ Rektmag.net Link ]
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Sunday inspiration| @danielatascayork had a great eye and was very cutting edge. She told me after the show, that #GIDC gave her back her confidence after having kids and it made me think. It's never too late OR too early to move forward with your passions. Stay inspired guys xx #inspired #inspiration #loveinteriors
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Black flooring adds a certain luxury to this home xx #khinteriors #interiors
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Kylie took part in her first show jumping comp this year @kyalamiparkclub. A 1st for the New Year Comp class 80cm and a 3rd in the speed class. Well done my angel!!! So, so proud of you x
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To think somewhere in the universe this is happening makes me very happy
Bobby Van Jaarsveld
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Dankie vir al die boodskappe oor M-Net & Friends bly julle geniet dit!!!
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“Hillsong: Let Hope Rise” is a powerful documentary that details the rise of the gospel group to becoming one of the world’s most loved! Available in store!
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If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.
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???????????? #WhoAreYouPeople #ZeroChill #ThatYummyTasteOfBullet #LeadLivesHere
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¿ Los recuerdas ?
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Hermosos colores .
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