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Ready for take off is a trend that occurred out of necessity for travellers who want to be in style and maintain comfort while boarding, checking in and spending extended periods of time in the air.

This look is for a guy who is always on mission and jet-setting. Keeping it minimal with the items, but also adding a bit of a funky edge with the leather jacket. You want to feel fly while you...
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IT'S THE WEEEKEND BABY! #ThatFridayFeeling
It's the WEEEEKEND Baby! #ThatFridayFeeling
Ishant Sharma's funny reaction :p
That Friday Feeling!
It's the Weeekend baby! #FridayFeeling
#ThatFridayFeeling It's... the... WEEEEEEEKEND BABY!!!
It's the weeekend baby! #FridayFeeling
First Friday of the year! #FridayFeeling
Christmas Caturday!
It's that Friday (before Christmas) feeling! #FridayFeeling
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It's the Weeeeeeekend baby!!!!
Ending off your week like...