Thanks for joining us for the show this morning! It has been a great morning sharing stories of love. Thank you for sharing yours with us!

Keep your head up and keep keeping on!
How awesome? James and his Brahman bull. A national champion!

These guys are serious about their cattle!
Joining us now is Chris and James. They are a same sex couple who have been together for over 10 years now.

They both own a lodge in Potchefstroom. They believe love is love.
5 Calls: Is the perfect age gap for partners 4 years and 4 months?

This comes after research shows that the ideal age gap between partners for a relationship to last is 4 years and 4 months. However, only when the male figure is the older one.
We're celebrating love on the show today. Meet Hendrick and Loreen. Hendrick is a white male and Loreen is a balck female.

They are both from the North West Province in a small community in Zeerust.

Tune in as they share their love story with us!
Love knows no boundaries! This is definitely the case for 71-year-old Almeda Errel. She married 17-year-old Gary Hardwick just three weeks after meeting.

What are your thoughts on a marriage with such a large age gap?
Hot conditions expected across Gauteng, but the rain will fall. Here's a look at your full weather forecast for the day ahead.

WEATHER: Hot and humid with severe thunderstorms
Good morning! Today is all about love! We are joined by couples who will be sharing their love story with us.

Also, not forgetting your chance to win in The Birthday Game, Kids Quiz, DARE and 5 Calls all coming up!

Happy Tuesday!
For Noma, living the #Idolslife means ditching sweatpants and sweaters for simple mall trips!

From schoolteacher to #IdolsSA winner
Today is Belly Laugh Day… Get in the spirit of laughter with one of these and chuckle all the way for only half the price.
Happy Choose-Day :)
Good Mauling
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We are SO EXCITED! The title of Star Wars Episode VIII has officially been revealed as Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We can't wait for December to experience the next chapter in the Skywalker Saga!
Ultra South Africa
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Ultranauts! Give us a hand in welcoming producer, remixer and international DJ Felix Jaehn to the #UltraSA2017 stage for the very first time!
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In case you thought your Monday was bad....
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In case you thought your day was bad...
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Actress Carmel Fisher has opened up about what it’s really like to be a first-time mom.

Actress Carmel Fisher shares her tips for new moms
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Never leave anything to chance! Prepare your children for the dark side of the internet.

Ensure Your Child Is Safe Online
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