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Hannes van Wyk het onlangs in ’n episode van Kwêla moed bymekaar geskraap en aan huis gekuier by die berugte privaatspeurder Mike Bolhuis. Hier is hoe dit verloop het:

Kwêla – Mike Bolhuis
Big Brother Africa Fans
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Big Brother Africa Fans
02/19/2017 at 19:12. Facebook

Week 4|Day 28 Live Eviction Show: The Axe Falls On Gifty! More here:[ Link ]

The Axe Falls on Gifty!
Big Brother Africa Fans
02/19/2017 at 19:04. Facebook

Week 4|Day 28 Live Eviction Show: Marvis survives Biggie's Axe! Gifty and ThinTallTony remaing. Who do you think is leaving tonight? More visit:[ Link ]
Big Brother Africa Fans
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Big Brother Africa Fans
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Big Brother Africa Fans
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This could be the sad news ever in history of both ThinTallTony and his fans in Nigeria as well as across Africa as the Live Eviction Show looms tonight at 7pm [WAT]. On why ThinTallTony could far …

ThinTallTony likely to suffer a shock exit tonight! -See why?
Big Brother Africa Fans
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For all those Big Brother Naija fake housemate affiliated die hardz, I am sure there is at least one person who also saw this happen. Ese came to Bally, and they were playing footie’z,”…

Ese gets emotional for Bally Aka Mr B!
Carte Blanche
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It’s about more than simply struggling to get out of bed. Find out more about chronic fatigue and read the stories of three women affected by this debilitating condition.

[READ] Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche
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Would you be able to thrive on one meal a day? Let us know by commenting with your chosen hashtag - #VoteA #VoteB #VoteC – in the comments below. You can also comment on the official @CarteBlanche Facebook page.

Results will be revealed this Sunday. Join us 7pm on @MNet, @DStv channel 101, and 8pm on M-Net Plus 1 channel 901.

You can also stream Sunday’s show on DStv Now at 7pm.
Nu Metro
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On circuit now, is slated for Best Picture. It's a tough field this year, but maybe, must maybe, this hard-hitting drama could take home the trophy.

Viola Davis and Denzel Washington are up for it!

Can you predict the winners in the top 4 categories? Visit and have a go. Free movies for a year could be yours!
Mr and Mrs Mabaso's first dance together as man and wife is the spotlight of their #OurPerfectWedding and a symbol of their love. #OurPerfectWedding

How beautiful and touching was their dance?

Our Perfect Wedding Ep 60: Save the first dance
Simphiwe went from the friend-zone to the husband-zone! #OurPerfectWedding

Say hello and congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Mabaso!

Our Perfect Wedding Ep 60: Mr and Mrs Mabaso
The bridesmaids dresses are the brainchild of both Simphiwe and Lerato.

She said she wanted some purple, he said let's add some lilac...and voila! Absolutely beautiful couture! #OurPerfectWedding

Our Perfect Wedding Ep 60: She says purple, he says lilac
Simphiwe can't get enough of the wedding cake and it's only just the tasting!

Good sign that the guests will have a delicious all-edible cake to dig into on the big day. #OurPerfectWedding

Our Perfect Wedding Ep 60: Can't get enough
If he visits your cubicle at work often, just coming to check on you...he could be your future bae.
Simphiwe and Lerato were just friends and colleagues before he told her he loved her. #OurPerfectWedding

Do colleagues and friends make great lovers like Lerato and Simphiwe?

Our Perfect Wedding Ep 60: Lovers and Friends
Only one hour to go to until #OurPerfectWedding and you know you never want to miss an appointment with the gorgeous Thembisa Mdoda!

Catch #OurPerfectWedding in the next hour for Simphiwe and Lerato's big day!

Our Perfect Wedding Ep 60: Simphiwe and Lerato
Top Billing
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Time to say goodbye for today! Which one of our #TopBilling #TopHomes could you happily wake up in each morning? Until next week, have a wonderful Sunday and God bless.
Top Billing
02/19/2017 at 11:19. Facebook
Zimbabwean born Kyle Roux, transformed a 70’s s hotchpotch of rooms into an integrated work of wonder! Absolutely incredible! #TopBilling #TopHomes
Top Billing
02/19/2017 at 11:04. Facebook
The amazing and extraordinary Ulubisi House up the Western Cape has stolen our hearts! Thank you Mark and Wendy for welcoming #TopBilling with open arms!