Ultra South Africa
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From the laser beams to the stars! #UltraSA2017 #GalaxyExperience
Ultra South Africa
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Leading the Resistance! #UltraSA2017 #GalaxyExperience
Ultra South Africa
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Sharing this unbelievable experience with U! #UltraSA2017 #GalaxyExperience
Sparkling dahhling! @thenjistemela and the #expressoshow team for the 2017 #mma ceremony are getting the juice on fashions, nominations and more behind the scenes. #metrofmmusicawards
Ultra South Africa
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#UltraSA2017 taking flight with Headhunterz! #GalaxyExperience
Ultra South Africa
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Ultranauts, raise your hands and your hearts! #UltraSA2017
Ultra South Africa
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The Big Dawg DJ FRESH (SA) doing what he does best! #UltraSA2017 #GalaxyExperience
Ultra South Africa
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From the realms of Ultra... #UltraSA2017 #GalaxyExperience
Ultra South Africa
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Riding the sound wave with the legendary Kryoman!❄ #UltraSA2017 #GalaxyExperience
Ultra South Africa
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Every moment, a thousand feelings! ❤ #UltraSA2017
Ultra South Africa
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#UltraSA2017 hits the City of Gold!

Your musical journey has begun! #GalaxyExperience
Just Music
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Nu Metro
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TOMORROW is the big movie day of the year. Have you entered our Oscars® 2017 competition? If you can predict the winners of the top four categories, free movies for a year might just be yours! That's right, a Nu Metro VIP card is up for grabs. The winner will be drawn after the Oscars, at 12:00 on Monday.

numet.ro/oscars2017 <- visit and make sure you've entered!
Nu Metro
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He’s protecting her from a sinister organisation, after trying to hide from his legacy. #Logan is back.

Make a hasty retreat to our website to pre-book for ‘Logan: The Wolverine’ and be automatically entered to win a #ZTE Blade A601 with a phenomenal 4 000 mAh battery! numet.ro/logan to book!
Ster-Kinekor Theatres
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No more secrets, just a dark and steamy night to remember! If you can't get enough of Christian Grey's muscles… book a ticket. Even if you've seen them before, we guarantee there's probably a few you've missed. Join us again to be sure! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ster-Kinekor Theatres
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Which teacher's gonna WIN this FIST FIGHT? Mr. Strickland or Mr. Campbell? Cast your vote with a “Like” or “Love” and if you haven't seen the Fist Fight, make sure you get your ticket today.
Ster-Kinekor Theatres
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In the near future, Logan is hiding out near the Mexican border protecting a 90-year-old weapon of mass destruction: Professor X. Their lives are thrown into turmoil when a mysterious young girl comes into their care. Don't miss the third and final Wolverine movie, Logan: The Wolverine. See it in IMAX FIRST on 1 and 2 March at 8pm! Book your pre-screening tickets today: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ultra South Africa
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The #UltraSA2017 weekend continues!

Carte Blanche
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South Africans were stunned when a health ombudsman report recently exposed that 94 psychiatric patients had died in the care of several under-equipped NGOs. That number has since skyrocketed to over 100 with the total death toll unclear as further deceased remain unidentified at mortuaries. What really went wrong? Two NGOs open up to Carte Blanche to reveal the shocking truth behind these...
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Soul Candi
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No doubt! If you haven't checked this out yet, we highly recommend you do! #SCRecommends | Jullian Gomes
Listen :: [ SonyMusicAfrica.lnk.to Link ]