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(WATCH) We are currently in the window period for the Red Bull #KingOfTheAir event but as we await news on the wind for the event to take place, our very own Jo-Dee Butler is learning the ropes on how to be a kiteboarding pro!
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There's always that one friend who knows how to ruin a good time Tag that friend below and let us know what they did.

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Peanut butter and Mayo are said to be an amazing combo! #Drive336 decided to give it a go
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Kyk: 3 hondjies oorleef sneeustorting in Italië

Reddingswerkers in Italië, wat reeds vir vyf dae onverpoos werk op soek na oorlewendes nadat ’n hotel weens ’n aardbewing onder die sneeu begrawe is, het uiteindelik rede gehad om te glimlag toe hulle Maandag drie babahondjies uit die puin gered het. Lees die berig hier: [ Goo.gl Link ]
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Do you know someone who deserves this kind of treatment for their birthday? we could be surprising them woth teh help of our friends Spur Steak Ranches!

Tell us who they are in the comments below, and remember to add #KFMSpurBirthdays to enter!
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Carl Wastie is spreading the love for our SA Hockey teams! Quanita Bobbs from our SA ladies team and Dylan Swanepoel from our SA men's team, LIVE in studio!

Goodluck with your games this week against Holland and Chile, bring it home!

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Horses just naturally have Mohawk haircuts too! Carl Wastie is getting READY for The Sun Met happening this Saturday at Kenilworth Racecourse!

Check out his horse one liners, its a lag!

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Met dié netjiese skryfbehoeftesak kan jy altyd jou skryfgoed byderhand hou! Kry die aanwysings hier > [ Goo.gl Link ]
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[WIN] We play the 5 question game with the twins from Locnville! Brian has to guess the #HuaweiJoburgDay artist Andrew has on a piece of paper. He can ask 5 questions before he guesses. Guess the artist in the comments below and you could win yourself 4 tickets to #HuaweiJoburgDay in the Park!
Get your hands on our Jan/Feb issue, and you'll get a BONUS calendar with a week's worth of workouts!
Sponsored: WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Michele Stuurman for winning the exclusive invite to join the Women’s Health team and attend the adidas Training Creator Squad Day on 26 January with some of SA’s top athletes, including World Record Holder Wayde van Niekerk, and other fitness experts.

Not lucky enough to be a winner? You can still watch the event LIVE and win adidas vouchers!...
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#SABCNews at 16h00 (24 January 2017)

Tuesday afternoon top stories:

* The Reserve Bank maintains the repo rate unchanged at 7% and the prime interest rate at 10.5%

* President Jacob Zuma says incompetent educators will face serious consequences as he maps out a plan for the education sector.

* Eskom's turnaround strategy begins to pay dividends.

Get more news on [ Sabc.co.za Link ]
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We have BIG news! WWE Superstar ✨ John Cena is set to host the slimiest party of the year, the 2017 Kids' Choice Awards!
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When you realize NickFest is two months away
Remember to get your tickets at [ Expi.co Link ] .
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Give your furniture an updated look with this #DIY project!
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Introducing the #WallsmagMysteryGuestEditor for the Jan/Feb issue!
Read all about #HelenHenzen from Studio 3 Design House in the latest issue of Walls&Roofs: [ Tiny.cc Link ]