It has always been there for me, but I've never told you.
Now it's time to unveil my invisible supporter since the beginning: PASTA!
Grazie Barilla !
#FedererLovesPasta #BarillaLovesFederer #tbt
It has always been there for me but I've never told you
Lorenzo Poggi
Violangela Minafra
Elizabeth Sayner
From fashion arena to tennis arena
From fashion arena to tennis arena
Tavo Armenta
Sai Vineeth Omkaram
Rivendell O Colbhaird
#metgala #inemojis
metgala inemojis
Blanca Koller
Maxime Chenna
Shannon Kollmeyer Wyzard
#metgala #inemojis
metgala inemojis
Risto Milchevski
RomEo RichArds
Max Vela
#metgala #inemojis
metgala inemojis
Achilles Jd Barnes
Maria Worris
Awais Qureshi
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metgala inemojis
Gianluca Salani
Gabrielle Cooke
Maxime Bitar
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metgala inemojis
Suneer Verma
Muhtasin Oishik Omar
Sandra De Biasi
#metgala #inemojis
metgala inemojis
Marwan Qannam
Erick Gutierrez Holguin
Francesco Romano
Had an amazing time at Key Arena in Seattle tonight. Playing with @johnrisner was a blast. Thank you to everybody who watched and supported the RF Foundation!
Had an amazing time at Key Arena in Seattle tonight Playing with
Sarthak Baluja
Kelli Carlson Lyng
Sushil Chaskar
AB de Villiers - The Sensation
Artyom Kovalyov
Mark Hall
Always nice visiting @nike HQ. Something's different this time #18
Always nice visiting nike HQ Something's different this time 18
Abeer Hasan
Craig Preston
Karen Lee
Roger Federer 04/24/2017
Cristina Castells
Alex Wang
StaMaria Veresum
Less than 12 hours until Match for Africa 3! Everyone is working hard and the arena is taking shape. Looking forward to seeing the crowds and of course my good friend Andy Murray.

Watch us play live tomorrow on TV24 in Switzerland and find out more about how to support my foundation at
Less than 12 hours until Match for Africa 3 Everyone is working
Hent's Tanzu
Celso Sitoi
Annick Jegou
Roger Federer 04/02/2017
Surya Prajapati
Jean-Philippe Ugille
Hakan Yüksel
Roger Federer 04/02/2017
Jose Mazariegos
Cheryl Dowd-Ugalde
Agbemuko Susan Ponle
Roger Federer 03/25/2017
María Isabel Lyka
Shahbaz Alibaig
Gavin James House
Spectator on court
Spectator on court
Kirsten Lunde Frandsen
Shahbaz Alibaig
Kanwaljeet Singh
Time to play
Time to play
Enrico Giannini
Hank Morgan
Debayan Sen
Paul Leis
Patsy Elliott
Hieu Minh Ngo
Sunday vibes
Sunday vibes
Taj Pabari
Corrie Cataldi
Patrícia Nascimento