Alex Albertini
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Marc Blackburn
Excited for the new partnership. Grazie Barilla!
Valérie Cannella
Lea Whitney
Antoine Bourg
I am very excited to be playing my first Match for Africa in the US alongside John Isner and Bill Gates this Saturday. You can watch the match live here on Facebook.

All proceeds raised will go to support The Roger Federer Charitable Fund, Inc. and you can make a donation directly using the “Donate” button below.
Karen Lee
Vijai Shankar
Adam Hile
Before MFA4 takes place Saturday in Seattle, here is a recap of the MFA3 from Zurich!
Musette Muse
Nancy Watt Monroe
Rick Ress
Happy Easter! Had a great time surprising kids with Lindt at the children’s hospital in my home town of Basel
Barbara Adducci
Marc Pesci
Maggie Lopez
11,200 spectators, entertainment, fantastic atmosphere, great match, loved #MatchforAfrica3
Musette Muse
Musette Muse
Vera Ennis
Some fans have no respect...
Courtney Walker
Arlind Abdihoxha
Bill McDonough
No seriously, we're actually starting a boyband: The one handed #BackhandBoys
We're recruiting.
Grigor Dimitrov Tommy Haas David Foster Novak Djokovic
Abeer Hasan
Piotr Borewicz
Jodi Trombley
Melika Enesme
Nathan Ganeshan
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Check out the unbelievably beautiful city of Prague - thanks for showing me around last week Tomas Berdych, it was fun! Can’t wait to get back in September for Laver Cup #LaverCup
Inga Nemirovsky
Astrid Siegfried- Voegelin
Lea Ničová
Thank you ROLEX for the great video
Switzerland. get natural.
Cinny Bubber
Hasham Ham
We're starting a boy band #NOTNSYNC Grigor Dimitrov Tommy Haas David Foster
Gabrielle Cooke
Robert Lipiec
Susan Blatz
My look for Melbourne is . What’s your favorite piece from my collection? [ Link ]
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Being the best means playing with the best. I’ve always sought consistency, excellence and perfection on the court. I am very excited to officially announce the launch of the new RF Legacy Tennis Ball from Wilson Tennis, a ball that lives up to those goals.
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Yoko Takechi
Act Caress
On your mark... Get set...
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Ashvin Kalyanaraman
Max Vela
Quite a challenge to stand still with LINDT chocolate in front of me! ;)
#MannequinChallenge Lindt Chocolate World
Rita Reguera
Eloise Flowers
Lyn Esterhuizen