Turkish Airlines
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Your electronic devices are well taken care of. As safe as in your own pocket.
Turkish Airlines
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2 Billion minutes of entertainment on air
Did you know that in 2016 we have travelled the equivalent of 18.760 times around the world?
Ready for take off to help Somalia ❤ ✈ @jeromejarre @redhourben @chakabars @eljuanpazurita‬ ‪#LoveArmyForSomalia #TurkishAirlines4Somalia
Mrabet reveals the heart and soul of Morocco through his words. So, join in and watch his tales come alive:
Here is the story of Mantı, the favorite Turkish dish of over 5,000 people who took part in our Twitter survey. #LoungeIstanbul
Would you like to join us celebrating the International Women's Day with cosy rosy details?
To make women especially joyous on this special day, we have welcomed them in our Business Class for a delightful experience #HappyWomensDay
Just because we want all the travelling ladies to have a delightful trip tomorrow. We wish a pleasant flight to all our women passengers on March 8.
Get to know Morocco's most famous storyteller on: [ Delightfulstories.com Link ]
Watch the ones who took one step forward and realized their dreams. Let them inspire you to write your own #DelightfulStories. [ Delightfulstories.com Link ]
Enjoy the flight, enjoy the game! Watch Turkish Airlines Euroleague's Final Four live in Istanbul on May 19-21.
What would you like to see in our snack bar available for you during your long-haul flights?
Let every moment you fly over the clouds feel like Valentine's Day ❤
We have been chosen Europe's best airline consequently for 6 times. Now, it time for being the World's best! Vote for us and share our excitement with us: [ Worldairlinesurvey.com Link ]
Take a look at Istanbul in winter from Master Architect Sinan’s minarets.
One of the most exciting parts of traveling: Waiting for the flight!
Enjoy your journey with your own private space, provided by our specially designed seats.
The airline that flies to more countries than any other, is pleased to speak the same language as you.
Feel the heat of Turkish Airlines Euroleague on Sport 24 with Turkish Airlines’ in Flight Live TV.