Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
06/23/2017 at 12:02. Facebook
Our in-flight Wi-Fi service is available to your pleasure at all times on board. Enjoy the flight!
Assif Mirza
Hasan Inci
Dachi Korinteli
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
06/22/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
We increased scheduled flights to Dubrovnik from 7 to 9 for more people to see its historical and natural beauties. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Mihaela Chiritescu
Eric Bettarello
Caner Ercan
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
06/21/2017 at 09:45. Facebook
A city of canals and bridges, Venice; first city that comes to mind for a romantic vacation. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Alper Uyanik
Eric Bettarello
Megan-Lee de Villiers
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
06/20/2017 at 19:34. Facebook
According to April 2017 WorldACD sales data, when compared to last year's same period, with its increase in sales tonnage by 25.7%, Turkish Cargo advanced its ranking to 10th in world's largest cargo airlines. Also at the same period, compared to 2016's April-May period, broke another record by increasing its cargo and postage quantity by 34.1%. We congratulate Turkish Cargo for their success!
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Sunil Thapa
Luciano Wilton Orosco Quio
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
06/20/2017 at 16:33. Facebook
Luxembourg, with its various music festivals, culture and art events, promises more than a vacation! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
06/19/2017 at 15:27. Facebook
Premier and box-office hits, games, TV series, songs are waiting for you in our in-flight entertainment system. What's on Planet this month?
As the sponsor of Turkish Senior Women's National Basketball Team, we arranged a surprise to the players with their fathers before the FIBA EuroBasket Women Basketball Championship! #FathersDay
Arfain Ahmed
Rahul Srivastava
Noel N. Pagola
Which city is on your vacation plan this year? #WidenYourWorld
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Nawsheen Amjad
With our 180 degrees reclining flat beds, you'll be as comfortable as in your own bed.
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Yuri Budilov
What a beautiful day for planning a peaceful vacation... Have a good week! #MondayMotivaton
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Fierce competition, challenges and breathtaking moments! We thank everyone who made the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague a unique experience!
As the international airline that flies to most destinations in Africa than any other we invite you to go on a Safari with prices from $534!
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Our play is about to start. Our in-flight entertainment system now includes plays from Istanbul City Theatres. Enjoy your flight! ✈
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Alev Kizil
ปีเตอร์ พัทยา
Fernando Muslera is so happy to be in Istanbul! Hear his love for Istanbul from Galatasaray's excellent goalkeeper!
Yigitcan Cayir
Michael Conte
Hasan Inci
Trabzon, with its natural beauty with every shade of green and purity, offers you a great vacation experience! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Mircea Si Ramona Dumitrascu
Vildan Turanbeyli
Noor Noor
We touch the hearts of our every passenger! We welcome and bid farewell to our passengers in their language for an unforgettable experience.
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Ariela Hever
Mark Smith
If you want to feel the breeze of the deep blue sea, you shall start to plan your journey right away
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Luciano Wilton Orosco Quio
Congrats to Fenerbahçe Basketbol for lifting the trophy of Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four! #F4Glory
Hasan Yücel
Goran Bogdanovic
Nadia Kuzel
Istanbul's four spots witnessed the incredible! How Ridiculous achieved the impossible and scored all the shots! More at Final4! #F4Glory
Dmae Pabalan
Sethan Ak
Наталья Лунина
Our final shot with Team How Ridiculous were at the bridge where two continents meet! Much more waits for you at the Final4! #Final4LandsinIstanbul #F4Glory
Sladjan David Jacovic
Padelis Varkarolis
Stars Rolling