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When you realise it's almost Monday morning
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How to: prepare for Monday. Get a coat that's going to get you to work/school/football feeling delicious. [ Topman.com Link ]
Absolute Classic Rock
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Absolute 80s
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The Belle Stars, who are very fabulous, kick off #forgotten80s tonight ... see you from 7! absoluteradio.co.uk/80s x
Absolute 80s
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It's easier than digging through your old tapes. Martyn is counting down the biggest hits from January 1984 & 1988 on the 80s Chart Show today. From 4: absoluteradio.co.uk/80s
Absolute 80s
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May it go on and on, and on, and on...
Steve Perry (Journey)
Jane Norman
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By far our favourite youtube challenge “My boyfriend does my make-up”.
بووووووووووووووم عبدلله السعيد =D
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Staying in bed today? Perfect time to do some online browsing...
Absolute 80s
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Tonight, Mark Goodier leads us in a tribute to one of the greatest singers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and producers in musical history as we explore why Prince's music will live on and on.
My Name is Prince at 9pm: absoluteradio.co.uk/80s/
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Lol!!! :D
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Great North Run
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Register for the general ballot before it closes on Monday 6 February.

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When you're at the club and you see that person you've been avoiding
تسديدة قوية من طارق حامد فوق العارضة
عرضية ممتازة من عبد الشافي لمروان محسن خلف دفاع أوغندا لكن دينيس أونيانجو يبعد الكرة ببراعة
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Planet Rock
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On MOJO Rocks this week, Phil's got new tunes from Nine Inch Nails, James Leg, and Black Sabbath. Plus album selections from Hawkwind and Ty Seagal. 8pm Sat + Wed
Absolute Classic Rock
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8pm: The Sturge is here with the #ClassicRockParty!
3 hours of rock to make you ROAR!
Absolute 80s
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Who's on the mic tonight? It's Tony Hadley with the Saturday night '80s Party' from 6pm: absoluteradio.co.uk/80s
He might even play some Spandau Ballet (Official)...this much is true!