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Guy Harper is more than half way through his sponsored silence (he is saying nothing, zero, zilch for the whole of February!). See text below for why he has interviewed his housemate, Harry Allen, who is on his way to being vegan while playing a high level of sport!
Please sponsor Guy to help him though the last couple of weeks. [ Link ]
Be interested to see how he celebrates...
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Happy Valentine's Day! All day today we've been asking to hear from #UEAcouples who met through UEA - whether you're staff, students, or alumni we'd love to hear your stories. Click the note below to read some already shared!
On Valentine's Day we're looking to hear from #UEAcouples! Let the Alumni Association know your story, and read some of those already shared!
Sadiq Khan
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Rough sleeping has been a growing problem in London in recent years, and Iโ€™m doing all I can to reduce the numbers of people sleeping on Londonโ€™s streets. Here are six ways we are helping the capitalโ€™s rough sleepers (and ways that you can help too):

More funding from government

Iโ€™ve secured a new ยฃ50m fund to invest in accommodation for people moving on from hostels and refuges, and an...
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The leaders of the five UK cities worst affected by air pollution have joined me in calling on the Prime Minister to take urgent action to clean up the countryโ€™s toxic air.

Every year in Britain 40,000 people die early as a result of air pollution, and research from London demonstrates the resulting health effects disproportionately impact the most deprived communities.

Letter to the Prime...
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We loved receiving your feedback on why you #ChooseHull last week! Check out the results and let us know what you think. ????
Caitlin Newdall tried to take her own life three times before the age of 15. Inside she felt helpless and hopeless but eventually, after many setbacks, sought support.

If you are also distressed or need some support โ€“ or know someone who needs assistance - there are people on hand to help:
Remember the story of the 75-year-old widower who posted an ad on Gumtree to find a new fishing partner? We've got an important update
The mother of a two-year-old girl with a rare terminal genetic disorder has written a wishlist for her daughter to raise awareness of the condition - and "remind people what is important"
Last week, we were so excited to welcome furry critters on to campus as our Hull University Union RAG team raised money for RSPCA Hull.

Find out all about it...
The heartbreaking story of a widower whose fishing partner passed away has gone viral after he took to Gumtree Australia to find a new friend to share his hobby
Some of the lighter moments from the protests against Donald Trump's travel ban and state visit to the UK
There's still a lot of confusion about who exactly the US travel ban affects, but here's what we think is the case (right now)
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It's International Chocolate Cake Day! My all time fave is a brownie. Not a cake, but counts, right?!
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London. The show at Hammersmith just got a little bit better!
Here are some suggested questions for the text service, I can see lots of people saying what can you ask, so here is a helpful list for you xx D xx
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Thank you Stagecoach Festival for the interview!
Confused about what today's Brexit ruling actually means? Here's an explainer - and if you have more questions we'll be joined by Andy Bell here at 6pm
Read First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's comment on the Article 50 court case in full here.
As Milton Keynes turns 50 today - here are 15 facts about the middle-aged 'new town'