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The music we love, every Saturday: [ Xoyo.co.uk Link ]
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We celebrated the halfway point of ANDY C's residency with another incredible night, big thanks to DJ Hazard and Mampi Swift ...

ANDY C is with us every Friday throughout January, February & March. Tickets are available on the door every week.
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DRESS ONLY Β£15 get an xtra 24% off sale w/code hotdamn, hurry selling out soo fast [ Bit.ly Link ]
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hat would be fab, thanks
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jumper dress only Β£22 get 24% off party & chill w/code hotdamn [ Bit.ly Link ]
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top only Β£21 use code hotdamn for 24% off party & chill section [ Bit.ly Link ]
My Cake Decorating
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Today we were out for a walk with the kids and were inspired by the weekend wildlife. What have you been up too?
My Cake Decorating
02/17/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
How gorgeous is this? inspired by the sunshine outside our office window today. x
My Cake Decorating
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Did you know: Intensely fruit-flavoured, freeze-dried fruit powder is available from specialist whole food shops and online culinary stores. You can also use it to flavour macarons and ice cream.
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Get sizzling with our fragrant Sesame Steak Stir Fry recipe, featuring crisp sugar snap peas and mild tatsoi. It takes just 20 minutes to make too: oca.do/JBaV3095HaF
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Located just off Kite Beach is The Journey; This vibrantly green outdoor space with beautifully crafted wooden play structures is the perfect place for your little nippers to let off some steam and run wild and in a wilderness of shrubbery and flowers #VisitDubai
Custom Plugs
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What do you think to these bad ass Skull Moon Plugs? These come in left and right, with sizes up to 30mm. Tag a friend who you think would like these.

#skull #moon #plugs #tunnels #gauges #plugsporn #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #pluglife #customplugs #ukcustomplugs
Custom Plugs
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Show some love to takeyourcrayon wearing our beautiful Rose Quartz Tear Drop Plugs. Get yourself featured by tagging your photos @ Ukcustomplugs
#plugs #tunnels #gauges #plugsporn #stretchedears #stretchedlobes #pluglife #customplugs #ukcustomplugs
The Wombats
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New London show added - Community Festival: ticketmaster.co.uk/community?camefrom=CFC_MU1990_Community_BN2
Shakespeare's Globe
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"What we are doing is we are making a comment on how relevant this play is today. Unfortunately, I think we are in a world full of deception and I think that we're making a comment on that."

We caught up with Peter Hobday about playing Roderigo in Ellen McDougall's forthcoming production of Othello:
[ Po.st Link ]

(Image: Marc Brenner)
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We have a new Pink and Black Twin Tone Satchel available in our online store
[ Ow.ly Link ]
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WIN A Samsung Fridge Freezer With AO.com

You could be the one taking home this incredible fridge freezer perfect for families and those who do big shops!

To enter go to this link and enter now ⚑[ Bit.ly Link ]

Hurry ends Midnight 23.02.2017.

Winner will be contacted via email.

John Digweed
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Get ready for the announcement: 24.02.17
Something EPIC is being built in our Model Maker's Studio! Can you guess what it's for?
Science Museum
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#onthisday in 1962 John Glenn became the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, making three orbits in the space capsule β€˜Friendship 7’. He was one of the β€˜Mercury Seven’, a group of seven military pilots who were selected by NASA to be the United States’ first astronauts, and was the fifth person to ever enter space.