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Haha tag someone that can relate to this! Join my new page Ashleigh Kids for the best parenting tips, advice, products, and funny memes for us busy mummies!
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How to: prepare for Monday. Get a coat that's going to get you to work/school/football feeling delicious. [ Link ]
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By far our favourite youtube challenge “My boyfriend does my make-up”.
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Staying in bed today? Perfect time to do some online browsing...
7th Heaven
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When you think you've overslept… Then realise it's Saturday.
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This looks like a right laugh! Know any mates who'll be up for it?

The Redbull Soapbox applications are now open for London 2017! > [ Link ]

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Soggy sandwiches spoiling the day? Super Yummies can come to the rescue with resealable packs that are easy to take on the go.
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TFW someone asks you how dry Jan is going...
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✌ Heading into the weekend
Jesper Tjäder
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It’s often said that good things come in threes. Well, in the case of our end of season sale, good things come FOR THREE MORE DAYS.

Shop our final Winter reductions until Sunday, and not a minute later!

Shop Sale today: [ Link ]
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Mmmm Pizza.....

Mega Pizza Hut deals > [ Link ] and also get a FREE Sky sports or Sky Cinema pass with each order!

Waiting on the delivery driver...

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Ha! :-) Let's get tagging ;-)
Seen our new travel comps section? [ Link ]
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Here's to a fabulously Fruity Friday!
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[ Link ]

Love is in the air. Shop for your gifts here [ Link ]
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Is your cat always sailing in the sink? Making you walk the plank for meat/biscuits at 5am? This may be for them!

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If you know, you know
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THIS 100% - Get tagging those parents / parents-to-be

Come say hello > HUKDparents for parenting deals and tips!
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When everyone's hating on you but you're having such a good time you don't give a monkeys... Oi Oi

MTV Ex On The Beach Season 6 starts tonight at 10pm
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#ThatFeelingWhen you think you’re done for the day but then you get hit with that email ping...

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Urgh, Monday! >>

#Monday #HUKD

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