Premier League Player Salaries 2017 (Highest Paid)

Premier League Player Salaries 2017 (Highest Paid)
Premier League Team Of The Week - Game Week 22 - 2016/17

Premier League Team Of The Week - Game Week 22 - 2016/17
"The Bill was put forward by People Before Profit Dublin Mid-West TD Gino Kenny, who will also be key speaker at the meeting, entitled Legalise Medicinal Cannabis, in The Western Hotel, Prospect Hill, on Thursday January 26 at 8pm."

Public meeting to call for legalisation of medicinal cannabis
"Here CHT Medical is producing medicinal cannabis prescribed to ease the suffering of patients with cancer and neurological conditions."

North Florida’s medical marijuana production facility seeks an increase in accessibility
"Proponents of legalising cannabis for recreational use argue that banning it has not had a positive impact on usage, and is instead an unnecessary burden on police. The German parliament just last week legalised medical cannabis use for seriously ill patients."

Why are more German teens doing drugs at school?
"Prohibition laws—which criminalise the production, supply, possession, and use of some drugs for non-medical purposes—cost at least $100bn annually but have failed to curb either supply or demand, reduce addiction, or minimise harm."

The war on drugs | The BMJ
"Customer service is usually excellent,” notes a regular weed-buyer, who finds that dealers online are “very polite and friendly”. Good feedback may be rewarded: some sellers respond to positive reviews by putting a little extra in the next parcel."

Shedding light on the dark web
'I just thought it was harsh to punish him for something that wasn't his fault.'

11-Year-Old Boy Put In Isolation For Wearing THESE Black Shoes To School
'Unless we see a dead body, I've a Phelan Andy is alive. See what I did there?'

This Is What Happens Next After Andy Carver Is Killed By Pat Phelan On Corrie
After committing these two horrible crimes, he commits a third which might make you vomit. :o

This Man Kills His Father-In-Law Before Violating His Corpse. However, This Is Not The Worst Part Of The Tragedy.