Here are some suggested questions for the text service, I can see lots of people saying what can you ask, so here is a helpful list for you xx D xx
Comment, critique and contributions encouraged in this important piece of policy development...thoughts?
These are some suggested questions for the text service as lots of you are saying your not sure what to ask... Don't forget i'm giving away 20 minutes with one of my Mediums later today! Add your name below to enter on each of the posts that go up today. xx D xx
7 wins on the bounce. Hull City, Leicester City, Manchester Utd, Southampton, Everton, Middlesborough, Tottenham.

Manchester City away next ...... Bring them on!
This is a list of suggested types of questions for my 'Text The Team' Psychic service. Text Debs and your question to 66866 cost is £3 for replies to your question please see website for all details
I'm live now on my Text The Team service, so if you have a question that can be answered by a Psychic (the team are mainly psychics not mediums) then please start your text with Debs and your question to 85358. Your only charged for replies and it's a max of 3 at £1 each. If your reply is from me it will end in xDx I love answering your questions! xx D xx
Prime Minister Theresa May explains how she plans to build a "great meritocracy" in Britain.
As children are growing up, sharing pictures of them online can be a great way to keep friends and family updated. But, as we’re sure you know, it’s really important that you do this safely to help protect you and them. To help you stay safe, we’ve pulled together a checklist of things we recommend bearing in mind before you post. Most of it is common sense but we hope it’s a useful reminder: ...
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