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Yet another Chelsea player out on loan

Meet the newest member of the Brighton squad
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"If they don't sort it out, we're going to be the first defending champions to get relegated"

Some Leicester fans are calling for Claudio Ranieri to go
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And you don't even have to do anything sketchy to find this stuff out.

20 People Who Had A Lot More Going On Behind The Scenes
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Jason DePalma was driving with his girlfriend Sarah when he ran a stop sign. She warned him of cops in the area, and instantly got nervous when she heard sirens. But what Sarah didn't know was that the officers were planning a surprise with Jason.

Dash Cam Records Man Running Stop Sign, But Girlfriend Has No Idea Cops Are In On It
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Amarri and her boyfriend noticed a distraught man in the airport security line forced to throw away his package. The couple picked it out of the trash and took it home. Inside, they found a snow globe with a photo of a little girl. Amarri posted it on Facebook, hoping to reunite the globe with its owner. But then she discovered the stunning truth about the girl in the photo.

Couple Sees Crying Man Forced To Throw Package In Airport Trash. Then They Secretly Fish It Out
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If your child goes to any of these schools, you may want to pay attention to this. The car will be parked outside these school entrances on rotation, starting later this month:

The William Alvey School, Sleaford
St Thomas' School, Boston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Boston West Academy, Boston
National C Of E Junior School, Grantham
St Francis Hill School, Lincoln
The Priory Witham Academy,...
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CCTV car to target 'dangerous' school run parking in Lincolnshire - BBC News
The money will fund flood defences in Yorkshire, further regeneration of Kingston upon Hull city centre, the re-development of Bridlington Harbour and marina, an Intermodal Terminal in Goole(to link the town's existing rail, sea, motorway and waterway links), and the re-development of Grimsby town centre

Β£556m Northern Powerhouse cash allocation welcomed - BBC News
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Watch what happened when we got the Hollyoaks McQueen brothers to take our physical challenge! Hint - we think they ended up regretting it...

Sitting Squat Challenge: The McQueen brothers
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On average, an eight-year-old boy will have accessed pornography online. Is it time to start educating children on sex and relationships from a younger age?

Should sex education be compulsory in primary schools?
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You could be watching the golden statues handed out with a home sound system that is out of this world.

Win a BOSE SoundTouch 300 soundbar!