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Boutique hotels & galleries, independent shops & restaurants - where would you visit in hidden Oxford?
BBC England
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Simon Rickard has anorexia.
He's desperate for in-patient treatment but has been told there are no specialist male beds available. And Simon is worried his condition is only going to get worse without help.
Via BBC Gloucestershire
BBC England
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Woman's Own
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Woman's Own
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Woman's Own
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Discovery Channel UK
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How many miners does it take to build a tugboat? Gold Rush #catchup #tonight 8pm
Financial Times
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Find out how Turkey is grappling with the drop in the lira in our live discussion.
Financial Times
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The big stories we are following on Thursday:
- Donald Trump is to appoint a climate change sceptic to head the US's environment agency;
- Italy has asked for more time from the European Central Bank to rescue its oldest bank;
- The head of China's statistics agency acknowledges economic data has been falsified in the past.
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Financial Times
2 hours 41 minutes ago. Facebook
Here what we're watching on markets on Thursday:
- European stocks hit a three-month high ahead of the ECB rate decision;
- Turkey's lira continues to recover from record lows.
For more markets coverage go to [ On.ft.com Link ]
Financial Times
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How to have a luxury Christmas for less - chat live with our personal finance team.
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Will Gareth Southgate be able to save England? Probably not.
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Daily Mail
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The Independent
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No one can cope with how incredible this Christmas advert is
The Independent
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Adorable penguin chicks pampered at London Zoo
Sky News
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Do you like cycling? A petition has been launched to change the Highway Code. Sky News' Mike McCarthy is live speaking to former British racing cyclist Chris Boardman to find out more. Post your questions below.
Sky News
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Sky News
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It's the fourth and final day of the Brexit appeal case. Judges will decide if MPs should get a say on when the UK triggers article 50 and leaves the EU. Watch live from the Supreme Court.
Sky News
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This dog had a creative way to make strangers play fetch with her