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Here's why today was dubbed 'Misty Monday'

Some of the images were sent in via BBC Weather Watchers
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Luckily, this St Ives business got all its money back - but cyber crime against companies is on the increase in Cambridgeshire.
That's why Cambridgeshire farmland is so neat and pristine!

Four Cambridgeshire farmers are behind an agricultural innovation being used all over Europe.

Thanks to RTK Farming for the stunning pictures.
Remember baby Hope?

The parents of Britain's youngest organ donor say they "would love to meet" the 26-year-old recipient.
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Thanks to everyone who sent in photos of the #fog today. There's still very low visibility outside so take care on the roads.
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Tonight on #Outdaughtered, Mimi moves in with the family ✨

Er, LOL at Adam's reaction..
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This 105-year-old Frenchman set a cycling world record
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Make sure to get your questions in Mustard TV
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As you pay goes into your bank account and then straight back out again
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When it's Monday and you just need a cuddle...
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We love this!
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If you missed #CrimesThatShookBritain last night you can watch it again tonight at 10pm.

What did you think if you watched the story of Joanne Dennehy?
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