University of Oxford
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What is #OxfordThinking? Watch this animation to find out why Oxford Thinking - The Campaign for the University of Oxford is raising funds in support of students, teaching and research. [ Link ]
Teaching Ideas
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I made some 'Author Jigsaws' this afternoon. If you would like a copy, sign up to our FREE Teaching Packs email newsletter and I will send them to you on Sunday

--> [ Link ]
The Royal Family
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The Queen presented honours to well-deserving people across the community at today's Investiture at Buckingham Palace.

Today's recipients included Christine Wicks, a Brownie leader for 40 years, who has supported more than 800 girls in her work with the Girl Guides.

Other recipients included Colin King, honoured by The Queen for his work supporting 700 football coaches from a BAME background...
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Bounty Club
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We are giving 5 lucky winners the chance to #win one of these award-winning Cheeky Chompers bibs. Let us know which is your favourite design to be in with the chance of winning. The lucky winners will be chosen at random Monday morning [ Link ]
Bounty Club
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Absolutely terrifying

Image credit unknown
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You can help us be there for more animals in need like Issa just by playing our raffle:

Please take part and share with your friends, together we can make a big difference.
Teenage Cancer Trust
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March is nearly upon us, which means the return of March Of The Mods - the month of mod-themed music events! Support us and find your nearest one

March of the Mods 2017 | Teenage Cancer Trust
RSPB Love Nature
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#ThrowbackThursday blog: Titchwell Marsh - #Showthelove is in the air: [ Link ]
The RHS London Botanical Art Show gets underway tonight with a Preview Evening, including drinks, live classical music, a film screening and a chance to be among the first to see the show. The show continues on Friday and Saturday, so why not come and be inspired?
Cambridge English
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A great way to stay focused and fresh when preparing for a Cambridge English exam is the Pomodoro Technique.

Take a look at how to apply this simple time management tool and how it can really boost your productivity!
PTI UK [Official]
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[Public Feedback]
شکریہ عمران خان انکل۔
عمران خان نے حکومت میں ائے بغیر جس طرح پاکستانوں کی سیاسی اوراخلاقی تربیت کی ہے اور انہیں اپنے حقوق کیلئے آواز اٹھانا سکھایا ہے اس کا تو سبھی پاکستانی اقرار کرتے ہیں۔ اس کی ایک مثال یہ معصوم سی بچّی ہے جو اتنی چھوٹی عمر میں اتنی باشعور ہے۔
PTI UK [Official]
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پنجاب کے اداروں نے کرپشن کی تمام حدیں پار کر دیں۔
پنجاب حکومت کے محکمہ اوقاف نے حضرت خواجہ غلام فرید کے تایخی محل کو 35 روپے ماہانہ
کرائے پہ اپنے ہی لوگوں کو دے دیا جنہوں نےبعد میں اس پر قبضہ کر لیا۔
آٹھ کنال پہ مشتمل اس محل کے سارے تاریخی نوادرات چوری ہو چکے ہیں جبکہ قبضہ گروپ نے اب عام لوگوں کا داخلہ بھی ممنوع کر رکھا ہے۔
PTI UK [Official]
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یہ وقت کس کی رعونت پہ خاک ڈال گیا۔
یہ کون بول رہا تھا خدا کے لہجے میں؟
یہ وہ زہریلے پودے ہیں جو مارشل لا میں لگے تھے۔ چوہدری غلام حسین اور سعید قاضی کا زبردست تجزیہ۔
PTI UK [Official]
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شکریہ علی محمد خان۔ آپ نے ہم سب کے دل کی بات کی ہے۔
چار چار بار حکومت کرنے والے بتائیں انہوں نے اب تک اس ملک کو کونسا مظبوط ادارہ بنا کر دیا ہے؟
علی محمد خان کا جزباتی تجزیہ۔
“There is something morally and psychologically wrong with people who force dogs to fight each other.

“A maximum six months’ prison sentence is not enough for this disgusting, cruel and violent crime.

"People who hurt animals also hurt people, so do we really want them on the streets?”

'OPEN YOUR EYES' Ricky Gervais erupts with FURY at soft sentences for dog fighters
British Red Cross
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Storm Doris is expected to bring damaging winds, rain and snow to parts of the UK. Our teams are ready to help communities affected by the storm. Please stay safe.
Vulcan to the Sky Trust
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We are getting ready here at #VulcanBake17 HQ for the Vulcan Coffee Morning this Saturday 25th Feb to help the #SaveOurVulcan appeal.

Over 150 people have recently bought a Vulcan Cookie cutter and we are looking forward to seeing your bakes.

Just been checking our supplies cupboard, made a shopping list and we have invited some friends. Do get involved and join us in your own kitchen,...
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University of Sussex
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FREE FOOD ALERT! How to win? Review Sussex uni for the student choice awards!

Rank your Uni!
Today's #ThrowbackThursday is a little cat with heart trouble who was brought to our newly opened dispensary in Mile End, London, in 1919.

From our annual report of that year: "All kinds of animals are treated - horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, birds, etc - and although all treatment is free, it is rare for the owners to omit putting something in the collecting box."
Swansea University
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Swansea's very own Rhossili beach has been voted by holidaymakers as number 8 in the UK in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards annual list of the UK’s best beaches.

How lucky are we to have this on our doorstep?!

[ Link ]

Do any current or former students have happy memories of surfing or walking at Rhossili, or even adventuring out across 'The Worm'?

We love to hear from...
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