British Red Cross
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We have a long and proud history working in the health and social care sector.

Most people know about our voluntary nurses and doctors during the First and Second World War. But there’s more to know.

The Red Cross and the NHS: a history of helping
Bullying UK
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Are you concerned about bullying at #university [ Link ]

Bullying at University - Family Lives
Bullying UK
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Can you spot the signs of #workplacebullying [ Link ]

Bullying at work - the signs | Family Lives
University of Derby
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Did you know that not only do we have Derby’s first outdoor learning space, one of only two immersive suites in the UK but our sports centre houses the East Midlands only indoor long jump pit? No? Find out more about why you should choose Derby:

World-class Facilities - Why choose Derby
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Following the tragic stillbirth of their son Joshua in 2014, Adam and Hayley Powsney went to our stillbirth research centre in Manchester, which has just received £20k of funding from our friends at Mothercare UK. Adam says that the care they received from Tommy's Dr Alex Heazell and team at the Rainbow Clinic helped them lay their 'demons to rest'. We couldn't be happier that they have...
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'Tommy’s and the Rainbow Clinic are so vital for families like us'
University of York
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Are you a York graduate? You may leave York, but you'll always be part of our alumni community. Visit YorkSpace to find out more about the support and opportunities we offer our graduates: [ Link ]

Welcome to YorkSpace - home of York Alumni Association and Giving to York
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Sitting on the Girlguiding Council gave Alex the chance to promote the views of Young Ulster Members...

Sitting on the Council has given me so many opportunities
Leeds University Union
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Learn from those who have been there and never want to do that again...

Student Housing Confessions
Loughborough University
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Offering a great student experience is key to our success at Loughborough. Here are 10 things we did last year to make student life better

10 ways we've improved student life at Loughborough
Loughborough University
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Plymouth University
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The seminars in the Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Seminar Series cover topics from both disciplines and you are all welcome to join us - no booking required! All seminars are held at the School of Health Professions in the Peninsula Allied Health Centre, Derriford Road, Plymouth PL6 8BH.

24 January: Participation in mainstream schools - Fine Motor Skills
Speaker: Dr Susan...
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Participation in Everyday Life
Everything you need to know from yesterday's inauguration of our new University Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

Congratulations Mike and Ranvir!
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Last week, Norway became the first country in the world to start switching off FM radio signal, going digital only. Could the UK soon follow suit and are we ready for it if we do?

Is the UK ready to switch off FM radio for good?
University of Surrey
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You might have only just applied, but it’s never too early to get prepared for student life! Our student blogger Grace has some tips on what you can start doing now to get you ready for uni:

Anticipating University | Surrey student experience
UEL's Prof Eva Lloyd shares thoughts on the possibilities of 2017 for the early years sector in Nursery World

Early years sector’s hopes, fears and dreams for the year ahead | Nursery World
Exciting possibilities - a decentralised, resilient system, with the returns going to households and communities, not to tax-dodging multinationals

Batteries included: Yorkshire village seeks to solve riddle of too much sun
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These guys form an international group that helps raise awareness around male depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses.

Meet the barbers fighting male depression