Neutering prevents unwanted litters, but also has important health benefits for your pet #WednesdayWisdom

Neutering your pet
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Last week our volunteers and local residents took part in a litter pick along the Coast to Coast route in Durham. We aim to make all our routes as attractive to cyclists and walkers as possible, and the work done by our volunteers goes a long way.

If you are interested in getting involved there are more litter picks planned for the next couple of months.

Join C2C's Big Spring Clean
Are you a Marketing Manager who needs adopt a structured approach to marketing communications? Join our course to learn how to align, manage and implement marketing communications to achieve clearly defined objectives [ Link ]

Managing Marketing Communications
50% of purchase decisions are based on emotion – brands must check their emotional temperature. [ Link ]

Taking emotional temperatures | CIM
The University of Hull
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Wondering what you can get up to outside of lectures if you choose to study in Hull?

Check out this travel guide from travel blogger, Lines of Escape! #ChooseHull [ Link ]

Why Hull should be on your travel radar – Lines of Escape
The University of Hull
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Winner of Best picture, Best Supporting Actor and Best Writing Adapted Screenplay, 'Moonlight' comes to the Middleton Hall screen on March 27th.

Book now:

Hull Independent Cinema at Middleton Hall: Moonlight | CultureNet
The University of Law
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Inspiring ULaw alumna Karen Holden, founder of A City Law Firm, talks about working families, part-time study and how she became successful: [ Link ]

Ask Karen your career questions live on this page on Wednesday 8 March from 1245-1315.

60 Seconds with Karen Holden, founder of A City Law Firm
ActionAid UK
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Back-to-back droughts and conflict have left 20 million people at risk of hunger in East Africa. ActionAid is distributing food and water, but the situation is critical.

Please give whatever you can to help us reach even more families on the brink of survival.

East Africa Food Crisis Appeal
Hope for Justice
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Pleased to support this excellent initiative by The Co-op in the UK giving 30 modern slavery survivors work experience and jobs. Chief executive Steve Murrells is right to say: “Modern slavery will only be stopped by Government, businesses and society working together to ensure supply chains are transparent, so giving this shocking crime no shadow to hide in.”

Co-op provides brighter future for UK victims of modern slavery
“I grew up in a financially deprived area of Fife. Going to places like university wasn’t heard of unless you were exceptionally gifted.

"Like any young child, I grew up wanting to be everything, from a doctor, lawyer through to a fashion designer and hairdresser and Olympic sprinter.

"But I had no idea what it actually took to get there, and most people that I told about my aspirations...
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Getting the self-belief to achieve anything. Access at the University of St Andrews - Universities Scotland
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At midnight last night, the extraordinary Guy Harper completed his amazing silent month. He was completely voiceless for a whole twenty-eight days. Join us in congratulating Guy on his success and the amazing amount of support that he has raised!

Help us show the world just how much we support Guy's vegan message - help him to reach his stretch goal of £2000 to support Viva!'s work to save...
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Read Guy's story
Scratching Post
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University of Derby
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Are you joining us for our public lecture with Michelle Brown, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, about the role of carers in today’s society? Well, tonight’s the night! See you at our brand new Chesterfield Campus at 6pm.

Support in long-term and life-limiting illness - University of Derby
University of Derby
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Thinking about postgraduate study? Come to our Postgraduate Open Evening on 16 May to find out more about the course you want to study.

Postgraduate Open Day - University of Derby
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Our Mum's Voice Award nominee Michelle from Dear Orla has written this honest account of pregnancy after stillbirth. It is important for people to understand that being pregnant again does not mean the pain of previous loss goes away, and that pregnancy after loss can be an extremely anxious experience. Thank you Michelle for continuing to tell us about your journey <3

[ Link ]

Walking the terrifying cliff edge of pregnancy after loss
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Pregnancy after loss can be an extremely emotional experience. Lara found it hard to relax and enjoy the pregnancy as her partner wanted her to, constantly concerned she was going to be faced with another loss. You can read her story, and the kindest piece of advice she was given from an online forum, here. #misCOURAGE

[ Link ]

Pregnant after miscarriage - Lara's story
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Will you be exploring what Fairtrade is with your girls this #FairtradeFortnight? Tesco have a #FarmToFork trail about how to care for our planet by sourcing food like bananas and cocoa sustainably - it's a great local outing for your unit!

Tesco Farm to Fork Trails
The new University of Cambridge prospectus is now available! You can view and download it online from our website: [ Link ]

Undergraduate Study
Birkbeck has welcomed proposals that would require the new universities regulator, the Office for Students (OfS), to promote choice in the way university courses are taught, including part-time study, distance learning and accelerated courses. The importance of offering students the option to study part-time has been recognised in changes the Government plans to make to the Higher Education &...
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Birkbeck welcomes recognition of part-time study in HE Bill
University of Brighton
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New research carried out by the University of Brighton indicates a need for more visual awareness training to support people with sight loss in care homes.

The research, carried out on behalf of the sight loss charity Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT), shows staff, care home residents living with sight loss and their family members have a desire for more information and support to improve...
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Sight loss: more training needed in care homes