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Football Videos
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Best free kick ever…
Football Videos
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I don’t know his name but that was genius.

Addiction Vines
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Comedian Josh Johnson made sure to bring a special guest to watch his first stand-up performance on our show!

WATCH: [ Link ]
The Blacklist
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The man in the hat is ready for you. The Blacklist starts now on NBC.
Veronica Gomez
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Veronica Gomez
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Haha! Go join Dead Era for more funny GIFS. :*
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Can anyone explain to me what's going on here??
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The Palm Beach Post
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Think about how much stuff humans could get done if no sleep was ever required? FAU researchers are studying a fish that requires almost no sleep. Would you love it if you didn't have to sleep? READ MORE: [ Link ]
How did Seattle marches look half a century ago? Take a peek: [ Link ] #tbt
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Un día normal.. rescatando una docena de...
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Celebrate Dakota Fanning's birthday with a throwback to her first starring role in I Am Sam! [ Link ] #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
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Throwback to Ron Burgundy's curling debut! [ Link ] #CurlingIsCoolDay #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
Fox Carolina News
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Get Zazzy with Sheldon tonight on THE BIG BANG THEORY at 7pm & 7:30pm on FOX Carolina!!
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Pete's keeping the awards safe before the big night! Remember, the Oscars are this Sunday on WFAA! #ThanksDelkus!

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MIT senior Lilly Chin has rolled into the Jeopardy! College Championship finals, which begin tonight. Go, Lilly! Video: [ Link ]